Barakel the Thief- a Barkel Self Moc

Barakel the thief (or Barkel for short) is, you guessed it, my self moc. Well, this is more of a concept moc, things will change for sure, but I wanted to know what y’all thought of it. Barakel, for those that dont know (which is all of you because this is previously undisclosed information), Barakel was a thief for the skelly army. Anyway, he was tasked with finding the golden masks of power by Kulta back in the days of the mask makers. He began in this one area, and stuff happened between Ekimu and Makuta. This area freezes over, freezing Barakel and preserving his body, except his left arm, because reasons. As luck would have it, after the forge is re-ignited, a lone villager finds and helps him. Barakel thaws, and attempts to find a way to cure himself, with a mystical staff of power.

Mediocre background info is mediocre.

A sorta front view of Barakel. The idea hear was I’d combine ccbs shells together to make this smooth, star wars esque armour. Y’know, kinda looks like light armour. The pipe was there to look good, I think it looks alright, it’s going to be done better though. Two bone pieces were used to give his torso some more shaping, behind the skelly shell.

A close up on his staff of power. There’s a reason why its a glitter avohkii, not because its the most arcane looking piece I have, but because it was the mask of my old self moc. Why would I put the head of my old self moc on a staff? It was a realy bad self moc, I mean uber bad. So it deserves this.

Side view. I dont think I like those big feet there.

Back view, now it wouldn’t be a 2015 Bionicle without an obnoxious yellow gear.

Another view. You can see what I’ve done for shoulder amour, not very original, I know. It’s better than nothing though. Some may say the red on his chest breaks up the colour scheme, I say it matches his eyes.

A closer look at his ears. Yes, sue me, I used Grinders horns with a golden Grinder mask. Ignore the fire extinguisher too.

Anyway. This guy is very much concept. This is the general style that I want to go for, things that will change are trans colours, custom torso, new feet and more detailed staff. As well as that, any other flaws. Feedback and constructive criticism is greatly appreciated, I’d very much like to know what does and doesn’t work. Thanks for viewing…


This Mog looks really good for a concept mic and do you paint that mask

I thought the title just said “bank thief.”

looking forward to seeying this thing grow and expand

Overall, I love it. The smooth aesthetic really appeals to me.



10/10 It’s really nice, I like it a lot! It’s nice and simple.

Thanks all. I’ve started experimenting with custom torso designs, to see what looks best.

No, it’s the golden Kulta polybag mask.

I wish I had that😢