Baros, Toa of Gravity

This is my first post and selfmoc. I designed him a couple months ago, and have been fine tuning him ever since.

The translucent pieces on his hammers and lower legs are the cocoons from Galaxy Squad.

His shoulders are actually small technic turntables followed by ball joints.

Thank you for reading; any and all feedback is welcome. I didn’t include a bio because I don’t know how many of you would actually care to read it.


Very nice! You’ve really done a good job with the colour blocking on this guy. The mask and weapons fit really well and I love the use of the Hordika heads to widen out the shoulders. A few minor critiques:

  • The cocoon pieces work really well for lower legs but I’m not sure about them as hammer heads. They feel a bit too ethereal and insubstantial. Perhaps try experimenting with some different solid-colour pieces?

  • The tops of the legs feel a little bit skinny. Do you have any parts to bulk them up a bit?

  • The photos look just a tad too dark (it’s a common problem when photographing black LEGO bricks. How about brightening them up a bit in a photo-editing app?


Nice MOC! Love the purple colorscheme and those hammers look awesome.

Holy gadunka I didn’t even notice them at first, they’re so well intgrated… that my friend, is a good parts usage.

The rest of the build is simple, but effective :+1:


it might be a good idea to make the over color be black, and the under color be purple, cause of the shoulders are mask layering.
The lower legs being those cocoon pieces is really creative, the hammers don’t feel like they’d pack a punch cause of them though.
The shoulders are really cool looking.

Pretty cool , but I would prefer a custom head just because it gives more personality to the moc .

Really cool, but as a rule of thumbs a self moc is what you pour allll your skills into, and though it may cause you to need parts you do not have, there is bricklink. For my current version of my self moc Okua, he is my fsvorite and one I have changed many things both big and small, I am sure this is not the only version and would love to see it porgress

This is really cool. The colours work really well and the shaping of the shoulders it really great. Those weapons look sweet. Good job :+1:

This MOC is really cool looking, and the colour scheme is definitely beautiful. I love the shoulder plates and the use of cocoon pieces for the lower legs, though I agree that perhaps they aren’t the best for the hammers, but that’s really my only suggestions.

I’d definitely love to see a picture of his skeleton, because it certainly looks like there’s complexity in there, but it’s hard to see with all the shell plating. Overall, the MOC is really good, and the creativity in his design really lends itself to making the aesthetic a beautiful one.

the claws don’t feel particularly fitting but i do enjoy those hammers

This is a pretty solid MOC. He isn’t missing any armor on the back, which some people miss, and the color scheme is quite consistent.

A very solid looking Toa! I like the way the color blocking was pulled off and how well the mutated Ruru’s were integrated with the shoulders.

Really nice concept and execution. I really like the color scheme.

Here goes:


The shoulder builds are cool.

Nice! Thanks for uploading the pictures of his skeleton, from these, I can definitely see the level of complexity and craftsmanship that might not be visible at first glance. I definitely like the build on the legs and the torso, which only adds to the quality of the MOC. It’s definitely interesting!

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I’m very much so a fan of the Hordika heads! Plus, I always love a MOC in purple.

Really enjoy the shaping on this guy. He looks really nice.

I’d read the bio. Seems like it’d add a lot of gravity to the situation.


Really nice MOC! I think you should update this with a Bio because I’d defiantly read it!