Barraki Backstories and More Pitch (Rough Draft)

I’m going to need a lot of help before this is done, and while I’ve come close, I haven’t heard every Brickonicle Episode out there, so if something doesn’t fit, please let me know. Also, if you have an idea of something that might work better, please let me know. And, if you have cool art, I’m a terrible artist, so it would make my day if you could post some concept art here.

The current stories are: Ehlek, Takadox, and Carapar

Ehlek: Before the three brothers arrived at Arthaka, a number of species already lived there. Seen as barbaric and savage, Makuta and Ekimu decided to wipe them out before they worked on Arthaka. However, Karzahni looked at the species and saw a sense of pride and a fighting spirit in them, so he grew to like the creatures. He took special interest in one, a warrior who seemed unstable and weird, but used that to his advantage, by becoming unpredictable. Karzahni, wanting to be a hero, hid the creature while Makuta and Ekimu wiped out the rest of the species. Karzahni felt like the hero was in debt to him, so he took control of him, like a puppet. Having Ehlek, the hero, venture through the world for him, Karzahni was able to stay away from what he thought was danger on the island. Then, Ekimu made the Matoran, and, thinking that Matoran would treat him with respect, Karzahni created the Vo-Matoran. However, before Karzahni felt safe enough to go meet his creation, Makuta found out, and blamed Ekimu. Afraid Makuta would find out who it really was, Karzahni hid in an alternate future, but took over Ehlek at times to see what was happening. Even when Makuta and Ekimu were asleep, Karzahni did not understand the mask enough to break out of the alternate future. At times when Ehlek is not possessed by Karzahni, the meddling with Ehlek’s mind caused him to go insane. Ehlek found the Vo-Matoran, and met Voriki. In insane Vo-Koro, Ehlek found himself at peace. Voriki and the former warlord became very good friends, Ehlek training her in his way of fighting. Voriki helped train Ehlek to resist Karzahni’s control, and to piece his brain back together. However, Karzahni found himself unable to control Ehlek anymore, and so he instead controlled Voriki. Angry at Ehlek, Karzahni wanted Voriki to kill the warrior. In an intense battle, Voriki won, and nearly killed Ehlek, except her mind did not let her. So instead, Voriki kicked Ehlek off of the floating city, where Ehlek was shocked by some of the energy that kept the city floating, and his spikes became electric. He fell into the water, where he lived a criminal life until he was caught by the Ga-Matoran, and placed in the Pit. Voriki, in her madness that was born from the possession, slaughtered her kind, and ruled over the empty city alone.

Takadox: An ancient warrior with a mysterious backstory, nobody knows how he came to Arthaka, only that he did. He was able to defeat nearly anybody who challenged him, whether it was rahi, toa, or common matoran. He believed herself to be able to defeat even the Great Beings, so he marched to Makuta’s stronghold and challenged him there. Makuta accepted, expecting to crush the ageless creature, and then control it. However, Takadox was a warrior with centuries of practice. He hid in the shadows, appearing only to make an attack. Angry, Makuta cursed him so that he could no longer hide in the shadows. Glowing, Takadox shrieked with anger, and charged Makuta straight on. Swiping at the Mask of Control, Takadox was forced back by a wave of its power. Takadox realized soon that the wave had gifted him with some of the mask’s powers, and he could now control minds. Escaping, Takadox learned the glowing would never stop, and he could never hide again. Meeting Carapar, Takadox and him ran a criminal “partnership”, until they got busted and thrown into the Pit.

Carapar: When Makuta learned of the Matoran, he knew he would have to keep the sentients in line in case they would rebel. He created the fire-spitters, the Tarakava, and the Nui-Jaga all for this purpose. However, he needed an army should the Matoran defeat the Rahi. So, he created the Boh-Rok. They served as a police force over all of the Matoran. If ever the Matoran were to do something Makuta deemed illegal, for example, leaving the island in search of more, the Boh-Rok would awaken and wreak havoc on them, until they would no longer be able to leave the island. Placing the Bahrag, two mutated beings who desire only to be turned back into their previous state, as the leaders, Makuta told them he would reverse their mutations if they aided him. Unfortunately, the toa of old locked them up in a cave where they could not easily be found. And so, the Boh-Rok had no leader. Fearing they would kill all Matoran and then Ekimu would be angry at Makuta, Makuta gave an Ussel Crab extreme intelligence (compared to other Ussel), a humanoid form, weapons, and strength. Thus, Carapar was born. Makuta, however, left him with a lack of intelligence (compared to the Matoran), so that Makuta could easily control the warrior with his mask. Carapar led a great many missions, but one fateful task was too much for him, as Carapar confronted the warrior Takadox. Winning, Takadox then hypnotised Carapar, having more strength over his mind than Makuta because of the proximity. The Boh-Rok, having no leader, scattered and hid underground, perhaps never to be seen again. Thus, Carapar and Takadox formed their criminal partnership. Carapar soon was under so much hypnotism he began to trust Takadox and even when not controlled tended to follow the warrior’s orders. And with time, they both were caught and thrown into the max security prison known as the Pit.

Mantax: Mantax was a simple farmer working outside of Tiro. His father was banished for hoarding excess crops when the rest of the people we starving during the Great Famine. Mantax, being a hot-headed matoran, was infuriated by Tiro’s verdict, believing his father was the only one who should have been banished. Growing up hating his father, Mantax changed his old name to his current one in order to not have anything to do with him. It was in those days that the Tiro government grew powerful and restrictive in order to insure equality. In order to keep the government running, they established a rule stating the farmers had to donate 25% of all harvest. This was the point where Mantax and he farmers broke. They formed a revolution, and placed Mantax at the head. Secretly a strategic genius, Mantax used deception and cheats to win revolts, losing lives he believed should be lost in view of the greater cause. Throwing down the government, Mantax was made king. Having a tyrannical rule of only six months, the matoran overthrew him, and went back to the peaceful democracy they knew before the Famine. Mantax had a small collection of followers, so they all formed a criminal group called the Rays. Outfitted with new stolen armor, the Rays attacked Tiro. One raid involved a lava Zamor sphere, but one of Mantax’s rookies dropped it, killing most of Mantax’s crew, or just melting the armor, sticking permanently to their armor. Mantax and the surviving crew were captured. They were instantly thrown into the Pit their crimes.


Ehlek: Just to clarify, TTV is completely against time travel, multiple species, and alternate realities, which is part of the pitch for Ehlek. I’m not sure how I feel about Ehlek having the lightning element, since I see it cheapening the uniqueness of Voriki’s power.

Takadox: I like the idea of Takadox being a skilled warrior, but not so much challenging Makuta to a duel. However, this is a fairly cool idea for giving Takadox the mind control powers.

Carapar: Carapar’s origin is probably the best one, even if it conflicts with @AntrozT6’s pitch. The idea of a Rahi mutated into a near-sapient being is an intriguing idea, and it might help bypass the “no multiple sapient species” rule.


Thanks for the feedback, I’ll think about how to change Takadox, Ehlek, and Pridak (whos backstory I’m still working on) so they match the no other species rule. The whole time travel thing and alternate dimension thing I don’t really know what to do with, because I feel that’s what Karzahni’s mask would do. For Ehlek, maybe it would just be random jolts of electricity he can’t control? For Takadox, I’ll probably change her back to a male, and perhaps got the control powers through different circumstances. Thanks for liking Carapar, he was the one I was not sure about of these three. Mantax’s backstory has been added. (Man, I’m sad about the whole no-alternate-futures thing, I was working on a story serial for that)

Also, I just posted some Great Mask ideas, maybe some could be incorporated into your Kanohi age? I was more strict with that pitch, I was afraid of messing something up, and I wrote it quickly.

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