Barraki, Mahri-Nui - ART ART ART! [Worldbuilding] [Pitch] [Art] [Character]

I believe that as we add more and more Toa teams, it will become a bit repetitive and less unique.
Three teams is great in my opinion, because it shows that calling upon the Toa spirits is the last opinion during the worst case scenario.

We can of course keep Gorast, I believe. Adding side characters to the Barraki would be a great way to flesh out the period a bit more, and if the TTV decides not to include the Barraki during the present time and only have them in the past (If they ever decide to include them), as it was suggested before by @Jon.

As for a teaser, another pitching thing is coming! Maybe even tomorrow! Now!

##Artakha during the Kanohi Period

All of the island’s layout done by @UltimateMustacheX in this pitch! Practically all credit goes to him!
I only swapped Ihu and Mangai to see if it would work, (debate about it in the other topic) and added Mahri.
With some of the names, I took inspiration from Oomatu’s Artakha art!

The larger names are the names of the kingdoms the Warlords made for themselves.
The middle ones being the capitals of the regions.

City of Kanohi belongs to the league, so it is the ‘technically’ capital of it, but no-one sees the league as a united nation, more of a tight and insecure alliance.

Tiro and Ihu are deliberately without much text, because they were extremely isolated, + I love that feeling about Tiro during this time… All mysterious, you know nothing of what lurks in the jungles.

I’d love to do a map for the current period aswell! We’ll see!


Definitely adding this map to the Kanohi Era topic!


Naturally, I still like Ihu to the left, but we can wait for the cast to give their thoughts on that.

One thing about Tiro is it needs the Archive. My thought was south of where the rivers split.


I think archives should be built after the Kanohi Period. Tiro at this time is dense, unexplored and mysterious, filled with sorcerers and dark forces.

I would imagine it more as a dark version Amazon rainforest, where you know not what lurks behind a tree’s branch, as opposed to a friendly and bright forest.

One thing that came across my mind was:
What if the Archives were built in Mantax’s city of sorcerers?
A controversial decision to do so, but why not use that huge space that is just asking to be used, after it was cleared out at the end of the Kanohi War?

State your opinions, please!


You have all of my “yes”!


###Introducing brand new section to the pitch!

#Matorans of Old Artakha:
High ranking and important matorans who have made themselves known throughout the Kanohi Period and the Kanohi War.

  • Gadanar, High General of Motara

By @AntrozT6 (Me), using template by @Noupix

  • Right hand of Carapar
  • Chief general of Motaran armies
  • Intelligent, expirienced strategist
  • Slain by Zaria (Now Toa Pohatu)

(I plan to have Carapar’s story to be from his POV)

  • Tiryah, General of Mangai

By @AntrozT6 (Me), using template by @Noupix

  • General and advisor to Kalmah
  • Intelligent, very good strategist and great duelist
  • Slain by Lhikan (Now Toa Tahu)

  • Taiki, Queen of Motara

By @AntrozT6 (Me), using template by @Noupix

  • Wife to Carapar and cousin to Ehlek
  • Phisically frail and sickly
  • Very kind and loving by heart
  • Died a year after marriage under suspicious circumstances

  • Pelagia, Queen of Rivers and Bays

By @AntrozT6 (Me), using template by @Noupix

  • Wife and lover of Takadox
  • Kind hearted and willful
  • Murdered by an angry mob directly after her husband’s defeat

  • Vazarn, Hand of Thunder

By @AntrozT6 (Me), using template by @Noupix, inspired by @Oomatu’s Voriki desigs.

  • Right hand and advisor to Nocturn, carried out his orders
  • Pawn of Takadox
  • Relatively good ruler
  • After Nocturn’s defeat, he was given the Elysia, ruling it until his death

  • Vakama, the Uniter

By @Noupix (?)

  • Highest ranking general of Lhikan (Now Toa Tahu)
  • Strong willed, extremely good tactician and ruler
  • Was given the Kingdom of Mangai after Kalmah’s defeat
  • Although it was Kalmah’s accomplishment, the uniting of Mangaian city states is often regarded as his, Kalmah being forgotten.
  • Died of old age
  • After his death, Mangai broke apart once again

Thank you for reading! Feel free to suggest more Matorans! I would love to do the remaining warlords that don’t have a portrait yet:

Pre-mutation Ehlek
Pre-mutation Pridak
Pre-mutation Nocturn
Pre-mutation Carapar (Altered)
Pre-mutation Mantax (Altered)
Pre-mutation Takadox (Altered)
Pre-mutation Kalmah (Altered)
Wait, that’s all of them, isn’t it?

And I’d love, love to do portraits for the Toa Kanohi aswell.


These are really cool designs for the Old Artakhans. I think Tiryah and Gadanar are my favorites by design.

Regarding images for the Toa Kanohi: I have basic descriptions on their designs here, or at least their mask designs. Tuyet’s mask is up for debate, but I’m leaning towards the Rode since she’s the founder of the Arbiters’ Kritarchy


In the Story Bible, this is canon. The Great Archive is built after the last Toa die (the ones who sealed away the masks) and because of this, there is not many records or documented history about the Toa, outside of the legends the Matoran tell, and even those are discouraged due to the sensitivity of the mask issue.


NEW ART BY @DarkMaestro!

And darker version!

Thank you, @DarkMaestro! A thousand times over!

Me and DarkMaestro worked together on this picture. (Well, I just said how the warlods should stand, he did everything else)

If you want the metaphores behind these:

Kalmah - Showing his strength and determination to win, aswell as his tactical expirience.
Pridak - Showing his pride, believing himself to be the best matoran alive.
Nocturn - Roaring like a beast, believing himself to be the best and the strongest
Takadox - On the edge, barely visible, representing the mastermind behind everything
Ehlek - Thinking up a master plan to get back what he has lost
Carapar - Showing how brutal and strong he is
Mantax - hunched at the other end of the group, also barely visible. Shows that he has little to do with the league itself, having his own interests. Is covered in darkness, representing the unknown about him…


Yes, the Barraki! I know it’s not canon yet, but I don’t care, the Barraki are awesome!

Kalmah looks perfect, integrating the blue accents that work so surprisingly well with the red, and the orange left arm is a great nod to his attached tentacle.

Love the colours on Ehlek, and the spines and claws (Wolverine claws, right?) Not sure about his backstory personally, I was quite fond of his nervous bravery from G1.

Silver definitely works best for Pridak, and he looks fantastic overall. His backstory goes a bit overboard I think though.

I actually like the bioluminescent shade better than the azure on Takadox. His form is excellent, his eye a surprise, but it works well with his new backstory.

Mantax looks utterly ghoulish, it is a brilliant aesthetic for him. The sorcery shtick is unexpected, but a neat idea.

Carapar is monstrous. Not sure how the pieces would work, but his craggy aesthetic and almost Flying Dutchman (you all know what I mean) look works well.

Nocturn as a Vo-Matoran is a surprise, but it helps to differentiate him, and the Garmadon torso is certainly striking.


New character designs for pre-mutation Ehlek and Pridak! Big thanks to @Noupix for that!


i personally though that the Barraki should not have the monster appearance they are well know for. instead their monster appearances should be just armor, styled after creatures from their folklore, you know how in old cultures they made special headgear and the like to look like animals or possibly deities.

one does not need to make them monstrous to keep them similar to their G1 self. They could just be powerful warlords who wear armor styled after belived gods or spirit animals.

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To put a twist on this, maybe they wear the monster armor during battle, but when they are mutated, it literally becomes a part of their bodies, making them half-Matoran, half-beast?


why do they have to be mutated thou, because that happend in G1? This is Brickonicle. You don’t have to copy all of the story material from where they originated from.

The Rahkshi for example are no longer worms that are made by Makuta which controls suits of armor, now they are matorans transformed into new beings, which is a big change from their G1 counterparts.

I do agree that they don’t have to be mutated by necessity, but the Mahri-Nui pitch does incorporate most of the G1 elements from 2007. If the Barraki are underwater, they’d have to breathe it, and if they’re going to be water-breathing villains that are antagonizing the Matoran, it doesn’t really make sense to not mutate them. It’s a logical step.

Plus, while the villains like the Rahkshi have been changed for G3, it’s not as if the Barraki haven’t. Their entire back-stories are different now. Just because G3 is trying to change things up doesn’t mean some things shouldn’t stay the same. I think the Barraki being mutated is essential to their character, as they were fallen warlords who once thought themselves mighty, but are now no more than monsters. If G3 is keeping that trait, then mutation seems like it should be kept.


I feel being the guy that started the Trend with having ART written with capital letters in the title.

Anyway this looks great.

@ZceeNook I did that to show what’s new in the topic, as some might not want to read through all the 183 replies to know what’s going on, or simply don’t see any change in the base topic.


I like this pitch. I’m also really jealous because I’ve been creating my own Barraki pitch, but I don’t have any amazing art to go with it. I really really like the designs for Kalmah, Ehlek, Takadox, and Pridak. However, Pridak is really creepy. Now I know the red markings in G1 mean nothing, but on the minifigure’s mask, I can’t see anything but blood in that red. I know he’s a shark, but I also can’t shake the feeling he’s a clown (my greatest fear). I do not think Lego would make Takadox and Pridak like this because they look really bloody, violent, and creepy. I do really like them personally. Also, I like how Carapar gives me a Davy Jones from Pirates of the Carribean feel. Mantax does not look like a warlord, but like some kind of priest, which I do not feel fits the Barraki characters. I do really like him, though. Ehlek is perfect. Good job, I’m picky over Ehlek. And Nocturn is pretty awesome, once I found out how to see all of him. Good job!


Dropping a little teaser for Carapar’s story, which is coming very, very, very soon!

Pakamu, the Merchant King

Created using a template by @Noupix Pretty much all credit goes to him!


I’ve been working on a pitch for the Barraki, but I’ve been straying a distance from G1. I really like some of the ideas you have, so I was wondering if we could collaborate on some of the ideas. I’ll be posting my ideas soon, maybe you could take a look at them and tell me what you think?