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The first instance of the Toa being created was by the Elemental Gods to overthrow Ekimu and Makuta. As such, neither of them would be involved in such a decision regarding later Toa, as they are both currently “dead”.

Karzahni’s location is unknown to the Matoran, as he was defeated by both his brothers and imprisoned long before the Matoran came to be. They would not have left him somewhere in one of the villages, as they would have taken care to imprision him secretly and quietly, and also because none of the villages existed at that time.

I liked some of the detail you put into your pitch when it comes to the personalities of the Barraki, but your situational pitch does rely on many things happening in canon that do not currently mesh with what we have planned.

Considering how many of the tribes would probably start out as monarchies with tribal leaders before evolving into the governments we have now, it is not completely foreign that the Barraki could have been warlords in the past, nor is it completely foreign that Toa would have been summoned by the Gods to combat them. But including them with Karzahni and trying to put them into the modern day are the parts I see the most problems with.


@Jon: What do you think about the concept for Mahri Nui? Do you think it would be considered for G3?

First of all, I thank you very much for your answer and for reading this long and exhausting pitch!

I do understand your points about many things not adding up in the timeline, because, when I was pitching it for the first time, I knew not much about the history you have planned for the story. (Makuta and Ekimu being dead at that time, for example.)

Because there is lack of any form of official timeline with events to go off of, I had to pitch it without it.

But that is what pitches are for, sketch the rough idea, develop it further along the way. I am sure we, as a community, could come up with many sensible solutions to the problems you pointed out, if you gave us a chance. :slight_smile:

As to your compliment about the personality of the Warlords: You pointed out in one of the top 10s that Skakdi were more memorable than the Barraki, since the warlords were mostly “one villian spread across multiple characters”. As such, I wanted to develop their characters further, give them more individuality and let people pick their favourite not only by looks, but by the intelligence, charisma and personality.


Hmm, maybe a Colossi known as Hydraxon could be the warden of the prison and be summoned by the Toa to imprison the Barraki.
Hydraxon is inspired by @Bokarda’s Topic

But his location would probably be known to the elemental gods (Nuva) and through them possibly the Toa.
The Matoran may have also accidentally stumbled across the island, where the prison is located, while exploring the world. They wouldn’t know the prison was there because it would be hidden from them by some means.

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We’re working on an official timeline for our story bible, but the main thing to keep in mind is that the Toa are only brought into being to deal with the Great Beings, therefore there is no friendly interaction between the Toa and either Makuta or Ekimu.

I think that’s a great way to do it. Personally, I feel like the Barraki fit the best as their older warlord selves, and it can lend itself to better flesh out the Bionicle G3 backstory, as well as paint a backdrop for web serials or the like to expound on.

Full disclosure: I feel like Bionicle G1’s main downfall was not so much that it was very complicated, but that the main story was not conveyed properly to enough people. The serials told side stories, but they ended up becoming a decent part of the main plot. For me, the web original series were best when they told a story of the past, such as The Many Deaths of Toa Tuyet and Birth of a Dark Hunter.

So a story focusing on some of the previous Toa and the Barraki would be fun to see, but something that would be given as extraneous information later on into the years.

We toyed around with a concept kind of like Mahri Nui, a village where the Nahoans exclusively used the Mask of Water Breathing until the last Gali took them away. We never settled on that, but it’s not completely outside the purview of the cast.

Not sure where we stand on this “Colossi” concept. Hydraxon and his role might be reserved for something else entirely.

It would not be. The Elemental Gods were brought into the world after the Matoran, not the other way around. Makuta is mad at Ekimu for bringing life into the island, that life is the Matoran, so if he had made the Elemental Gods first, there wouldn’t be any Matoran because that’s where they would have drawn the line at creating sentient life.

Karzahni is sealed away before the Matoran or the Elemental Gods are created, which is why neither Ekimu or Makuta consider him a possibility when the Lightning Tribe appears.

It’s worth noting that Karzahni, while possibly being hinted at, will be an unknown for the entirety of the three year pitch.

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I think retaining the warlords’ original personalities while fleshing each of them out (in the ways suggested) would be pretty interesting to see.

And it would be awesome to see a Toa-led rebellion against the Barraki.

I don’t remember if you ever saw it (or if you’ve heard anything about it), but a brainstorming megatopic I put together features what @RAKRONDEWL is talking about.

The Colossi are basically enforcers on the island, serving various roles under the Three Brothers (I guess two now, according to some clarification in the timeline) to keep the Matoran in check. Also (explained in part in the megatopic), the Colossi possess free will without Makuta’s knowledge, but Ekimu implants a subconscious command to pretend like they have no free will.

Whether or not they play a role in the main story isn’t really too big of a deal. They could just be considered legendary/mythological figures, mentioned in passing or in books.

Alternatively, when the War of Three Brothers (name may not be apt anymore) breaks out, the Colossi (not all, but most) could choose sides and fight against each other, causing much of the destruction. The end result, after the creation of the Toa, is the deaths of some of the Colossi with others going into hiding or surrendering, leaving those who did not participate to their own devices.

If I sound defensive about them, it’s mainly because I thought them up (along with some suggestions); thus, I pretty much have knowledge on all of them (relationships, occupations, homes, powers, etc. which are in the megatopic). Completely up to you how you use them, if you use them.

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Well, thank you once again.

Thanks for doing that, I believe we really need a story bible right now, or at least a timeline.
Thank you for clearing the relations between GB and the Toa, however, I believe we are pitching out the second Toa team, described in Bokarda’s megatopic, here. (under the name Toa Kanohi)

The Idea was that the Elemental Gods sent the second Toa team to deal with the Barraki, aswell as few other things from different pitches, and imprison them.

One solution that comes to my mind would be that the Matorans would already find the island with Karzahni’s prison, but be oblivious to it’s existence.
Thus, they would construct another prison on that island, thinking that the dangerous wildlife will do it’s job of preventing them from escaping.

Of course, it would be a great coincidence, but we have to start somewhere, hm?


Another idea that I have considered is to NOT have Karzahni at all for the story. At least not in any influential way. Maybe he is on a completely different island than the Barraki are.
It would solve some problems, but, of course, some would arise.


Thanks. I already started a project of small short stories, one for each of the warlords, to pitch out their personalities even further and show how they really behave.
Pridak already has a chapter, though, it’s dark… Probably very dark… But hey, that is what the Barraki were even in G1, werent they?
If there ever will be a comic to be written for G3, or a short story about the Barraki, I will gladly write it, if I have the chance. (Right, now I’m just expanding my ego…)


I thought the elemental gods were created to “help” create the island and all the life that lives on it, kind of like the Valar from Tolkien’s Silmarillion.
If Matoran were created first, what is the point of the elemental gods? To just keep the Matoran in check seems, to me, a very weak concept as that role could be easily filled by beings that don’t have god like powers.

Like the elemental gods being like the Valar, I was thinking of the Colossi as the Maiar. After the War of the Brothers, only about a dozen survive.


Yeah, I thought the Elemental Gods were there to balance the elemental energies of the newly created island. When Makuta and Ekimu later clashed due to the formation of Matoran, the Gods saw the balance of the island being thrown off and the new inhabitants being put in danger. So they rebel against the brothers to regain balance and protect this new sentient race.

If the Gods are made after the Matoran, it doesn’t make sense for the Ekimu/Makuta fight. The brothers start fighting because Ekimu made sentient creatures (Matoran). When they clash, he makes more sentient beings (Gods) to protect the Matoran. These new creations instantly turn on their creator by using Toa, since the clash is already happening.

It makes more sense to say that both brothers make the Gods to preserve the new island they made. By being gods, they are already at a much higher rank/plane of existence than the Matoran would be, so having sentience wouldn’t be much of an issue for them. But when Ekimu makes a noticeably lesser species and gives them the same sentience, then Makuta disagrees. They are relatively powerless compared to the Gods, so sentience is wasted on them and is more of a curse (like you’ve said in past episodes).




I am sorry for lack of posts in this thread, it is by no means dead!

I am simply on vacation now, so I have been more or less unable to do updates frequently, but I’m back!

Now for the update:

I have written a full short story for Kalmah. It will be up on the boards in few hours, maybe less.
It is a second short story about the seven barraki warlords, the first one being Pride, that I’ve written few weeks back, it is dark, but please, enjoy!

Now for the project itself:

With the story bible on it’s way, this thread will get completely revamped to fit the lore written in it.
I will do best of my abilities to try to fit the warlords into the timeline smoothly.

I have also thought about a change to Mantax.

He is the most mysterious one, but apart from that, he is not as interesting as the other warlords.

I have thought about making Mantax a sorcerer, a warlock delving into dark rituals and taking advantage of the mask powers to amass black, sorcerous powers.

Let me know what you think about this!

The more ambitious thing (wink wink) I have thought about is this:

Stripping the warlords of their most valued ideals during their mutation.

Yep. Make the warlords pay for what they did by humiliating them.

This was touched by G1 a bit with Pridak, as he was transformed from a beautiful being into an ugly underwater creature, but on in such extent.

What do you mean? How would this be good for the plot?

Good question. It would create a struggle for the characters, making them go around their old ways and try to figure out new options on how to solve their problems.
Let me give you an example, well, seven of them.

Strip Pridak of his beauty. Make him realize that pride is not as good trait as he knew, let him try to be less hostile to other warlords.

Strip Kalmah of his power over armies. Kalmah had always relied on his armies and was cruel to his subjects. His ambition made him a successful conqueror, but without his matoran legions, these wars have come to an end.
Kalmah would have to be more content without these, and try to rely on himself rather than his forces.

Strip Takadox of his spies and plots. He’s always been a liar and manipulator. With no more spies, Takadox will have to rely on strenght more than his intelligence.

Strip Carapar of his strenght. The brute, cruel and uncompromising one. Without these traits, Carapar would have to try to use his intelligence more, learning the art of persuation and manipulation, rather than brute strenght.

Strip Ehlek of his… Building skills? Knowledge of poisons? Not really sure on Ehlek, yet. Maybe instead of trying to poison people he diasgreed with, he would try the route of diplomacy.

Strip Mantax of his secrecy and dark powers. Being all secritive and nothing else is as bad as talking everything out. Mantax has to learn this, this and the ballance between these two things.

Nocturn is the only one I have no idea what to do with. Maybe he could be given intelligence, since he was stupid before the mutation, but I have no idea what to strip him of…

Alright, you’ve got it pitched out, why do it at all?

Well, all of this would have the purpose to point out that: Relying so much on only one aspect of your character is a bad thing.

Yes, there is a moral to all this. A twisted, dark moral.

Please, tell me what do you think of this! I will be glad for any feedback that will keep this thread alive and going!

Thank you for reading this update!


I like how you connected the Barraki and Karzahni together. In G1 they were released during the same year, were villains during the same year, and both the Pit and the Karzahni realm were hellish prisons. Always thought Karzahni should’ve been more integral to the 2007 story. This is why I’m so interested in following G3’s development, it’s such a good chance to take what is good about G1/G2 while weeding out the stuff that never made much sense.

I also like how you made them Matoran instead of opening a can of worms with each being from a different species. Just simple and clean stuff.

Now though, there’s one thing I never liked about the G1 Barraki and most post 2005 characters: the names. The names are just butchered English words (Mantax the manta? Vamprah the vampire? Seriously?) and they just sound too different from the traditional Maori-esque names scheme early G1, G2 used and G3 is following so far.
It’s also weird for a Matoran to be called Mantax or Ehlek and the like- it’s not that his parents knew his son would be turned into a manta-like or eel-like monster later in his life.
You could argue that “Manta” doesn’t mean “manta ray” in Matoran language, but it still breaks the reader’s immersion since G3 is being written in English language and, well, people who are following this regularly speak and think in English even if it’s not their first language (which includes a lot of fans, myself included). In my humble opinion, they should be still called Barraki, but their names should be tweaked. Just my two cents.


While I understand where you’re coming from, I’m not sure that’s something we’re allowed to do. If I remember correctly, TTV has stated that we’re only using approved names from G1 canon, meaning that we can’t tweak them to sound a bit better.


That makes sense, I’m not a huge fan of doing that either. What about using different names then, regardless of their G1 roles? They’ve reused the Rahaga names for something completely different from G1 and it worked brilliantly.


The reason they gave the Rahkshi new names was because the Rahkshi have Matoran identities in this story. Though I guess it could be said that the Barraki didn’t have Matoran identities before, either…


I mean yeah, you couldn’t have 6 random Matoran whose names all happened to end in -rahk so changing that was more needed than what I’m suggesting for the Barraki. You could say it boils down to personal taste, but I still think that it’s odd that the same region is home to people like Onua, Nuparu and Bomonga and then someone called Mantax. It really breaks it for me, especially since G3 is putting so much effort in giving each region its very own culture.


When you say it that way it bothers me a lot more. Maybe they take up new names after becoming warlords, to separate themselves from their ‘inferior’ kin?


That could work, actually, to show that they are “different” from the folk, in an almost alien way. This was very common practice in ancient times but it’s still prevalent in some cultures. Think European royals, who dressed (and still dress) in odd and colourful ways so show that they aren’t like “normal people”. Or the flamboyant and colourful rulers of Ancient China.
For the ones with a poor background like Kalmah and Takadox, this could be especially powerful, as if it implied that “I’m not like that anymore. I’m not weak, I’m not poor, I’m a ruler now”.


Maybe Nocturn could be made feral and uncontrollable, making him the most dangerous of the Barraki?


Thanks everyone for this amaizing discussion!
I agree with the names, Jayzor’s solution being the Best in my opinion.


Huge new update!

  • Edited some of the Mahri Nui history
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Please, check it out! If you want to know the exact changes, look to the edits (The pencil on the top right of the thread)

I will upload these matorans to the Matoran Ideas thread, so they might eventually get their own pictures. :3

Thanks for reading this!


New update!

  • Shortened and simplified the Barraki section
  • This was made to make it simpler to read
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  • done to make the thread simpler and more organized
  • Changed the backstory a bit for Takadox, and very much for Mantax! Check it out!


  • Rahi section with sevelar brainstorming Ideas!
  • Planned set Ideas (though they will most likely come out later rather than sooner)
  • Inclusion of the Toa Kanohi into the pitch

I would like to know your opinion on the idea of the Barraki losing what they value the most, which was purposed above in post 83

Please, continue this discussion!