Barraki, Mahri-Nui - ART ART ART! [Worldbuilding] [Pitch] [Art] [Character]

That works fine, although I personally prefer them acting as guards for the prison. Although if they did prioritize the prison over the island, what’s stopping the dangerous rahi now?..

They still deal with dangers to the island, but a majority of their focus is making sure nothing approaches the prison.

My guess, since I’m not entirely certain, is the use of the Energy Hounds to detect energy signatures deemed as threatening (something Hydraxon would probably have done) and then Hydraxon sends a squad of Maxilos to survey the area and potential paths the signature could have taken. If you’ve read Apotheosis by @DarkMaestro, you’d know that they’re not always successful at dealing with the threats.

Hydraxon himself would stay to guard the prison with any auxillary Maxilos. In fact, they could use the area surrounding the prison (the ruins of the sunken island) as their headquarters.


Well I don’t think that would make much sense as neither of Karzahni’s brothers would completely understand his powers. I would think that they locked him up in the best way they knew how, inhibiting all his powers (that they know of/understand) and making the prison impossible to escape/break into. This leaves Karzahni only his mind to communicate with the outside world, taking this aspect away deteriorates most of the pitches including this character if I am not mistaken.

I am not familiar with Dues Ex Machina but the idea of the mutating aspect was a direct callback to g1’s Barraki. I also believe that giving Karzahni the power to transform the Barraki is more of what the brothers would have known how to prevent as all three share this ability to a certain extent.

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I don’t follow Brickionicle much, so I wouldn’t know. But the prison would have been broken for a while, which would probably give Karzahni enough time to do his influencing

Dues Ex Machina is basically just a way of saying plot device. Plus they would’ve been mutated by Karzahni after the prison had been destabilized, so he would have the hundreds (or thousands) years of power that he couldn’t used stored up.

I would doubt my ideas fit with canon tho, most of what I say is based on the information given to me in the topic and what little else I’ve read about Brickionicle


I could see him not able to use his mind influencing powers until there are breaks in the prison.

Maybe the prison but not necessarily the cell. I imagine the magic chains you mentioned would keep him there and prevent him from mutating the Barraki. He could manipulate them instead with cunning.

I could totally see Karzahni doing that. In this pitch, I see Karzahni employing his Mask of Alternate Futures to develop cause-effect strategies instead of directly ordering followers.

For example, he sees himself being imprisoned, but in another timeline he sees himself escaping his prison. He would therefore plan ahead, prior to be imprisoned, so that certain events happening outside lead to his escape.


Yeah. I think the biggest problem is the mutating and how it happens. It needs to make some sense, and the magic wall particles sound like a plot device.

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For the mutation, what if Karzahni naturally excretes a mutagen into the nearby water, which dissipates the farther away an individual is? Those close enough to where he is held are permanently mutated, for better or worse.

For what’s keeping Karzahni from escaping earlier on, maybe it’s paranoia? Most of the futures in which he escapes early result in his body being destroyed (specifics unknown), so he might be waiting for exactly the right time?

For Karzahni, his biggest prison is his mind.


I love it. The Barraki were my favorite sets and badies of g1 so I’m glad that some one found a way to include them in g3

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Well I did say it was part of the prison’s morphing ability that was created to prevent escape/break in mostly from elemental ability. When the prison sank, its defenses kicked in reacting to the water as an attack. Since the prison was set to defend against water, when the ability was transferred to the Barraki and Karzahni it mutated them to do much the same. It doesn’t sound that bad to me but I am probably bias.

Maybe it could be an injury that releases a mutagen from him and in turn leaves him weakened. This is also why he chooses not to escape rather biding his time until he reaches his full health again.

I think the chains should probably stay. Granted it might just be personal bias, but imo the idea that he’s staying trapped of his own free will sounds sorta cheesy. I think that maybe they can work similarly to a Toa Seal from G1, and the Barraki or some other villain can trick the Toa into releasing Karzahni.

Now as for the prison morphing ability, it makes sense, but the biggest problem for me is how it affects the Barraki. The main post says particles are carried by the water to the Barraki, and that just sounds a bit too perfect. IMO there is no reason for the prison to affect the prisoners.

The Idea that Karzanhi’s injuries excrete the mutagen works well, with him being a god and all. They get powers from Karzanhi that allows them to live underwater, and it may even be an explanation how the barraki get extra powers to match the toa.


It’s not that he wants to be imprisoned, it’s that he’s too injured and paranoid to try to escape. Insanity from the Mask of Alternate Futures, and whatnot.

That sounds pretty cool. So, they’re the Rahkshi, only underwater and serving Karzahni. I like this :slight_smile:


Yeah, but the idea that he can escape whenever also sorta seems off. Maybe a good compromise would be that the chains snapped or something, but the bands on him are still intact and weakening him, and in most of the possible futures where he escapes with the chains, he ends up dying/losing/something bad happens. But without it them, he has a much higher chance of victory.

This could later set up a scene where the Toa are fighting him, but end up accidentally breaking the bands. Then they have to go back and fight Karzanhi at full strength

But I think the chains probably could go, and the only reason I’m fighting for them is because I thought them up.


Yeah, that sounds good to me. I’m assuming this all happens after Makuta is defeated?


Probably? As I said, I don’t follow Brickionicle much so I’m not too certain on the current story. If that makes the most sense, then sure.

Waiting for TTV to release the story bible, because I prefer reading to listening.


It doesn’t seem that much different to having it come from Karzanhi’s injuries to me. That said, I can work with either.

The way I see it, one way is that they absorb/ingest physical magic rock sediments, which may not be that small or numerous depending on how the prison breaks, or they absorb/ingest what is basically the blood of a god. I think it sounds more possible the blood of Karzahni way, as there is a lot more variables to consider when smashing magic rock.

That’s just my 2 cents though.

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Building made to contain a god leaks mutagen or god leaks mutagen, works either way for me.

And this is just my perspective as well.

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Wow! I go to get some sleep and there are 20 more replies! You guys are amaizing!

Well, now onto my opinion…

I like the idea that Karzahni is staying imprisoned willingly, paranoid of what might happen if he escapes.

There is. The prison was built by Ekimu and Makuta. You know, prisons are built to contain the prisoners, not let them die. If it was their brother held up in there, they would make sure he stays alive.
There has to be some sort of defense mechanism if anything happened, so, when the island sank, and all the prisoners would be drowned, a mutagen would be released that helped them live underwater, but, in turn, changing them into monsters.

How about that?

Either way, thanks for the activity you’re giving to this thread!


But then that brings up the question of how they knew the island would sink, and then the other question of if they knew the island would sink, why build it there?