Baryonyx Combonation model

For those who remembered my previous post where I announced a new model that included Spinosaurus, one of the Pterosaurs, and/or the Twin-Raptors the wait is no more

Well I chose to use both or the three of the choices and here it is…(but first story time)

After being years of the Spinosaurus’ rampage…

The failed experiment was finally put to a stop by Deveil

Yet after the experiment failed, the original creator did not learn not to play god and revived this beast from the past…

The one thing that is different from Spinosaurus and Baryonyx is that Spinosaurus was fully aggressive and did not think about mercy

Looks like Deveil is in for a rematch…

Series News:

Let’s see who is next…

(Note combination models are not hybrids)

Hoped You Enjoyed!


The color is relatively vibrant aside from the red pieces-
The body structure doesn’t look too diverse compared to Spinosaurus though.


I’m aware this is a combiner, I just find the color to look ok despite not being unique or uncommon.

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The objective was to only use parts from spinosaurus, twin raptors, and a pterosaur so the color selection was limited and probably looked bad