Basic Minifig display rack (WIP)

Over the past couple days, I’ve realized how many minifigs I have sitting around without a display.


Anyways, I had this enormous Lego baseplate that I figured I could construct a basic rack onto in order to attach them on. Using my very limited system parts collection, I cobbled together a prototype design that’s still incomplete (still have to add two more racks to it).

Due to my aforementioned limited parts, I apologize if it looks a bit awkward in some areas.

Also, it’s completely freestanding. It doesn’t need to lean against anything to stay upright.

I have an idea for a more complicated system that would be a little more advanced, but I’m not even close to having the parts for it. So for now, I just made this little thing that when it’s finished should have a maximum capacity of about 77 figures (11 columns, 7 rows). Most of the pieces went to the massive support struts on each bottom corner, which have no problem holding the thing up.

I should also clarify, the row of tiles under each rack is just to keep the baseplate straight.

If anyone has any advice, it’d be much appreciated. I’ve tried something like this before at a much, much more basic level, but I think this is the best design I’ve had. At some point I may share my more parts-intense idea using LDD.

That’s all, thanks.


That’s pretty cool!

Really impressive…


0/10 no Lego agents figures.

There were some on there yesterday when I was testing it.

Due to the limited space, I can’t display them until I add the other rows :stuck_out_tongue:

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Jang did a neat design. You should check it out.

Are you referring to the plates he magnetized to a white board?

Both, I guess.

Yeah, I’ve seen that.

However, I really don’t have the money or space for a classroom white board, magnets, baseplates, and dozens of minifig stands :stuck_out_tongue: