Basically All The McToran

Oh hey I saw these on r/bioniclelego!

11/10 added extra point for kapura

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Kapura is my favourite matoran-- he was one of the first I built, as soon as I was able to print up his mask.


Glad to have met another member of the cult of kapura BOW OR DIE

A couple more for the pack! Realised I only had 2 ko-matoran and 2 ta-matoran but 3 of all the other main elements, so I’m filling in the gaps with a couple OCs.

Tulkki here is a former Adept who currently resides in Onu-Koro. Check out his story here:

Henga is a mask maker who never quite got the hang of his job. He tries, he really does, but he’s just so bad at it.