Basically All The McToran

Here we have the full chroniclers’ company, the future Inika, Onepu, Ahkmou, and teridax. The only part not available in the colour shown is Ahkmou’s mask-- planning on 3d printing one and painting it myself.

Kotu, left out as usual, offering a size comparison with the OG Mctoran build.

Physical collection so far, planning on picking up Hafu and Taipu next month-- maybe Onepu as well.

And, for good measure, instructions!


Very good redesign.


I’ve seen a lot of McToran revamps, but I think these are my favorite Iv’e seen so far.


I love that you used the MNOG Pakari for Kapura and Hafu. I adore the shape of it and it always feels weird seeing them with the standard one.


I concur!


I love these. Their parts seem cheaper to buy than the original tohunga


oh yeah, but one or two of the masks are gonna set me back-- for reasons I can’t begin to understand a lime green rau costs like, double what I paid for the infected hau and as much as most of the other masks I need combined.


Okay, I talked myself into giving everyone accessories. it’ll be a while before I can do a full render, but until then here’s my Fave so far:



I love it. so. much.


OKAY, now everyone is tooled up. except kapura, who gets nothing, and makuta and pewku, who aren’t matoran.

smaller group shots by village to properly show off accessories coming when I’ve time to render them.

as it stands, though: takes deep breath

takua gets his MNOG backpack, jaller gets a spear and shield, matoro gets a couple of flags, hahli gets her MNOG 2 satchel, nuparu gets a wrench, kongu gets a throwing disc, hewkii gets a kohlii stick, kotu gets a clipboard, ahkmou gets a fishing rod (and a comet), kopeke and hafu both get different styles of carving tools, tamaru gets a tiny kahu, macku gets a hewkii plush, onepu gets a pickaxe (although taipu is carrying it, along with his own), orkahm gets a disc launcher, kapura gets nothing, and pewku is also there.


Now all you need is a Macku plush for Hewkii.


A group worthy of defending Kini Nui.

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Sorry, I don’t get what is the purpose of the tiny piece in the back of the shoulder

It’s probably just decorative. That or to make the protruding grey back assembly stand out less.

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Got it in one! Purely decorative.

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I got a lime green rau from a grab bag of random bionicle masks.

Lucky!! Tamaru is my 2nd fave member of the chroniclers’ company after kapura, but he’s right down at the bottom of my hit list thanks to his prohibitively high mask cost on bricklink.

Meanwhile, here’s the latest addition to the squad: Taipu! Just waiting on a couple more parts to finish up Onepu, too.


I appreciate that you kept the MNOG masks, those always felt more natural to me. Seeing them with the masks switched in MNOG 2 was so weird. :stuck_out_tongue:

lmao I never made it far enough into MNOG II to meet any of the MNOG crowd aside from macku and kotu

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I get that; I remember the game bugging out and getting me stuck in the countryside forever when I was a kid. :stuck_out_tongue: