Bastion, the Mecha-Rahi

Say hello to Bastion, the Boss Borot in my Self-MOC style group.

Based on this knockoff figure:
Here is the Snake Rahi, building himself a body:


And here he is, an all of his nonexistent glory.

And here his is with the gang:

Now, thanks to telepathy. his mechanical body parts can disconnect and form a little flyer:

And here’s the Gattai sequence:

That’s all I got on this lil’ bugger. lemmie know what y’all think.



you have done something most men wouldn’t dare attempt
I applaud you sir.

(In all seriousness, it’s definitely an improvement over its inspiration.)


Actually, someone made a faithful interpretation of the original’s red repaint
And that ma is @BobaFetaCheese:


Well, it’s just a bootleg.

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Was that supposed to be an insult to the moc, @SwagMeister?

'Cause if so, it’s not my fault that I find the design interesting, and wanted it in my collection

I was being objective. It’s literally a bootleg, that’s all.

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It feels like an insult.

No, I’m just saying it looks like a bootleg because it’s literally based off a bootleg.

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Technically, it’s a bootleg of a bootleg.

We need to go deeper


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you captured the originals “Please oh please god end me” look pretty well


The knockoff was a knockoff. But this… I applaud to you.

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