Bat’O’Clock, Hour 1: Loaf and Bread

@Cordax, my son please tell me that you didn’t have involvement with this revival

Please I can’t lose you again


This is

Starting a war does not make one immoral. Many wars are started by those who fight for what is right, and we are one of them.


Cordax has been allied with us since the beginning and has provided countless new creations to the cause.

Which makes him into an ally, regardless of timing. In accepting him in, you assented to his treaty break by past tense.

@N01InParticular listen to me. Your son is gone. He’s been devoured and twisted by the bats. To save him, you must destroy the corruption within.


I refuse to believe your lies, your blatant falsehoods, My son would never betray the path of peace not after it has been set in stone

N0, i can’t lose another, not after Solar.


Trust me, I want to save him too, but I just don’t know how. If anyone can reach him though, it’s you…

Or maybe Ghid. I don’t know.


N01, Cordax has turned to the dark side.


Cordax is the only one of you who did the right thing.

We are very happy to have him.


No no no no no not again


Why don’t you support your son’s ideals, or better yet, join us. Truly the MMCC are in the wrong; this whole war is as a result of them apparently being against creative freedom and starting armed warfare just because they were so incredibly opposed to a bunch of plastic bats. All their motives have no weight and ultimately come down to just the fact that they don’t particularly like the bats.

I argue that you can support us even if you dislike the bats, as we fight not just for our creations, but for the ability for the members of the boards to express themselves. If things go on like this, the MMCC could just unrightfully obliterate any trends they are opposed to, which isn’t fair in any way. These aren’t simple Mocs, we’ve put all our effort into them and I can’t see why they’re so against us.


ah yes nothing like making more and more of the same thing, that’s creative freedom!


They’re not all the same, and this’ll be exemplified once more Hazbats are released.

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you broke our treaty.

my mission, no the RRR’s mission has always been to maintain chaos your bats were upsetting the balance. My choice was a necessary one.

inb4 winger saying something in attempt to invalidate my claim. I know you want to.


if somone else makes another bat i am gonna…
cool moc but not the best bat

That’s exactly what the MMCC stands for. The majority of the bats are just the same template being used over and over again. We don’t call the toa Metru creative, they’re all clones, and so are the bats.

The MMCC welcomes more forms of life and MOC with just six members than the bats have with their 20+. Tell me what’s creative about that.


I don’t see what’s so bad about a template. The Inika build was a template, and look how much variety we got out of that. Comparing us to the Metru build is an unfair comparison, the only difference between them is their masks, eye colour, armour colour and torso heights. The bats differ in height, proportions, ear style, fur colour, eye colour, armour distribution, armour colour, colour distribution, wing design, claw design, thigh design, neck length… calling them clones is just insulting.


Breaking well-meaning treaties is also insulting. :frowning:


Cause it’s an insult.

And I’m fine with you wanting to be more so compared to the Inika, because those sets are worse. The thing that made the “Inika build” great, was when it was no longer an Inika build.

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The treaty was not “well-meaning”. From what I can tell it was extremely controversial, and I was practically forced to sign it because I was out of options. Forcing people to stop doing what they enjoy just because you personally have an issue with it is in no way morally just.

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