Bat’O’Clock, hour 12: Cauliflower

Welcome to the bat-pocolypse, as I show you another one.

And some lore. I’ll post more later

Part One: Spaghetti Academy

Cauliflower was the “king” bat’s best friend, and and the better fighter of the two. From a young age, they fought and learned side by side at Spaghetti academy, a prestigious but intense school, where their motto was “survival of the fittest.” At the academy, you would learn things that a normal academy would teach, like math and science, but also you would develop a specialized combat skill. Students would be expelled if they fell behind in schoolwork or if they died in a duel (yes, they dueled to the death). Students were not allowed to work with other students unless they were clever enough to hide it from the teachers (which was no easy task). But the king, which was his nickname in school, was a genius. Unfortunately for the king, he was terrible in a fight, and only made it through his first few duels by sheer dumb luck. Cauliflower on the other hand… had the opposite problem. Cauliflower was a masterful fighter, and a ruthless killer, quickly dispatching any student he came across, but his academic skills were… lacking. The two of them were friends before they were both sent to the academy, but when they learned they would not be allowed to work together, the king was devastated. Cauliflower on the other hand, was silent. He knew that he would do what he had to. But the king was smart, probably the smartest creature there (they accepted students of all species), so he figured out a way for them to still work together and be friends. Cauliflower, less out of compassion for his friend and more because he saw an opportunity, agreed to the King’s plan. The plan basically boiled down to the King exploring the campus in the first few weeks and finding the best places to train without being seen. He also studied guard shifts, teachers, and students, learning all the best ways to defeat all of them. Stage two of the plan was for the King to tutor Cauliflower, and for Cauliflower to mentor the king in dueling skills, All in the secret locations the King found. Even with the teachers constantly on their tails due to suspicions from sudden grade spikes for Cauliflower and the King’s sudden knack for dueling, the pair always managed to stay three steps ahead of them, thanks to the King. However, there was one major problem: another young bat, named Schnitzel. Schnitzel was the only student that even came close to the King in intellect, and he wasn’t too bad at combat either. Schnitzel became increasingly suspicious of the pair, and consistently worked with the teachers to try and take them down. The king was well aware of this though, and would often taunt him. Finally, after 7 years at the academy, only four students remained: the King, Cauliflower, Schnitzel, and Schnitzels goon, a Vortixx named Smesh. These four were the only graduates of their year. Nobody really understood how Smesh graduated, because everyone thought he was an idiot. But somehow he managed to maintain a passing grade, and he was definitely no slouch at combat, gutting every student he ever fought, even fighting Cauliflower to a stalemate once. The king, of course, graduated top of the class, with schnitzel being second in academics, and Cauliflower was top of combat.




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I’m glad to hear it! Here’s part two

Part Two: The King’s Conquest.

The king had always been immensely ambitious, and immediately following his graduation, he started recruiting able bodies to his cause. What was this cause? Conquest. His academic nickname had given him an ego and god complex, and suddenly he felt that it was more than just a nickname, it was a title. This now self-proclaimed king was going around hiring the most wealthy and powerful bats around to sponsor him and his conquests, and any who opposed would fall to the hand of the King’s number one general, Cauliflower. When meeting this nobles, only the King and Cauliflower would go in. However, they quickly gained a reputation, and weapons would never be allowed in the meetings. The nobles thought that this would be enough to take the king and his general down by ambushing them during the meeting. The King of course thought that this was the most predictable thing in the world, and besides, when fighting Cauliflower, weapons made no difference other than cause and speed of death. One by one, each of the wealthy bat families would either pledge their allegiance to the King, or be eradicated. The last stop for the King and his armies, was the place where he had been taught, the place he had outsmarted, the place that had tortured and tormented him for years: Spaghetti academy. In the time that the King and Cauliflower had been building up their armies, Schnitzel had taken over Spaghetti academy and gathered alumni of it from all around the world, making an army of his own. It may have been much smaller than the King’s legion, but they were some of the most skilled beings in the world. The siege lasted ten years, but finally, the king drove Schnitzel out, wiping out most of his army and taking the academy for himself. He then turned the academy into spaghetti castle, where he would rule the land of bats as their king.

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More lore.

Part Three: Betrayal.

The king had successfully conquered the bats and “united” them under his rule. He met the love of his life, Cocoa, and they settled down together in his castle. Cauliflower would maintain his place as general and advisor. But he also grew jealous of his friend, for he wanted all the power for himself. Cauliflower had learned a lot about sneaking and plotting from the King during their time at the academy, and he started to make a plot to take down his “friend.” Cauliflower was going to seduce Cocoa and then ask her to kill the King, and he knew he could, because he was one of the most gorgeous bats in the kingdom, especially with his golden wings, and he also knew that the King had ripped Cocoa from her hometown without her consent, which made her resentful. Cauliflower used all of these factors to great effect, and easily had her falling for his suave facade. It even led to them having an affair, which Cauliflower wasn’t quite expecting. The day before Cauliflower was going to ask her to assassinate the King, she unveiled that she was pregnant, at which point Cauliflower realized that it would be insensitive for him to make his request now. So he had to pivot to plan B: he would challenge the King to a friendly duel, only to then kill him in said duel. However, every time he tried, someone would interrupt him, or the King would make some excuse like being to busy preparing for his child. This went on for so long, that Cocoa had given birth and the duel still had yet to commence. But then, something unexpected happened, something that threw Cauliflower’s whole plan off: Cocoa’s child looked more like him than the King. The King immediately confronted his wife, who broke down and told him everything in exchange for the child’s life. The King then accepted Cauliflower’s duel, seemingly out of nowhere to Cauliflower, but that didn’t stop him from being elated that his plan was finally working. Cauliflower new he would win, because he was the best fighter around, but the King had been making new weapons in secret, arm-mounted machine guns, and even with all his skills, Cauliflower found himself kneeling before the king, groveling for his life. The king granted his request, seeing him as a weakling no longer worth his time. He was stripped of his rank, and his wings were broken and pinned to his body, forever a sign of his betrayal. But letting Cauliflower live would be the King’s last mistake. Cauliflower would spend 18 years doing nothing but cleaning the bathrooms and watching his daughter grow up, never to be seen by her, as the King had blinded her as a young baby out of hatred for what she stood for. At the age of five, the King could no longer stand raising her as his own, so he told her that he was only her uncle and Cocoa her aunt, and said that they had just been watching so her true parents could do something important. Then he put her with some random peasant family to live out the rest of her days. Two years after that, Cocoa had another child, and this one was definitely the King’s. They named her Pizza. Cauliflower then realized that he could use his daughter to help him take down the King, and when he thought it was safe, he started asking if he could go see her. The King would refuse as he knew that It would only give Cauliflower hope. Finally, the king got fed up with this, and he banished Cauliflower’s daughter from the realm, right around the time she turned 18. Cauliflower, was devastated, and the King was certain he had broken him. So he changed Cauliflower’s job to be the mentor of Pizza, what the King thought would be the ultimate insult to Cauliflower. But Cauliflower took it in stride, and really began to like Pizza, even though she could be bratty at times. Cauliflower still had aspirations to usurp the King, but for now they were on the back burner. Until he was approached by an old enemy; Smesh.


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Here’s the final part

Part Four: The Fall

Smesh approached Cauliflower with a deal. Smesh was still working as the general to Schnitzel, but he was getting tired of forever being in his shadow, and he figured Cauliflower felt the same way about the King. Smesh proposed that they take out two birds, or bats I suppose, with one stone. All Cauliflower had to was let in Schnitzel’s soldiers, and Smesh would do the rest. Cauliflower saw this as an opportunity, so he Agreed to the deal on one condition: he would inherit the kingdom. Smesh agreed, as he had other plans and didn’t care about the bat kingdom, and so they shook and planned a date. Cauliflower studied everything he needed to know to successfully and stealthily let in Schnitzel’s forces. He also learned about Pizza’s secret boyfriend that she had been sneaking off to hang out with. He had developed a soft spot for the small bat and decided that he would save her. He found the young bat that Pizza had been dating and told him that if he truly cared about Pizza he should ask her to meet him on the day of the planned invasion. He then disappeared into the shadows, ensuring that the young bat had no idea who had told him to save his girl. Then he made the preparations. Finally, they day came, and Cauliflower made sure everything was in place, and that Pizza was out of the castle. Then he snuck off to the front gate. He easily dispatched the guards with nothing but his Jade-tipped claws on his right hand and opened the gate. He saw twelve small shadows and one larger shadow slip in, then he closed the gates again. Now all he needed to do was wait. He met Smesh and Schnitzel in the throne room, and Schnitzel sat on the throne, congratulating them on their success. He was about to tell them their services were no longer needed and then call the guards to kill the pair, but the words never left his lips as he was decapitated by Cauliflower and crushed by Smesh simultaneously. Then Smesh cleared the throne for Cauliflower to sit on, but he hesitated. Something was wrong. Cauliflower could feel eyes watching him from the shadows, and Smesh’s hand was balled into a fist. He cautiously sat in the throne, and Smesh smiled. He quickly raised his fist and brought it down on the thrown and Cauliflower, faster than Cauliflower would’ve thought possible for someone of Smesh’s size. Luckily, Cauliflower was just a little faster, and leaped out of the throne. Smesh shattered the throne into a million pieces. “What are you doing!” Cauliflower shouted at Smesh as the other twelve soldiers rushed him from the shadows. “We had a deal!”
Smesh just smiled and said “yes, and you can still have the kingdom, but as an anarchist, kingdoms go against what I stand for, so now you are my last target. Goodbye, Cauliflower.”
Cauliflower managed to fight off the guards and even managed to lose Smesh, but not without injury. He hid in the rafters, trying to figure out a way out, when suddenly he caught a flash of red. Oh no, Pizza! he thought. He quickly clambered after her, and he managed to stop her before she could scream at the sight of her dead parents. Cauliflower then realized the only way out, and together they escaped into the woods, where they were taken in by none other than Cauliflower’s daughter: Eucalyptus.


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