Batman: Arkham Series (Spoilers)

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I personally liked city more than asylum, but asylum was still great.


I really want to get one of these games some day... The second I get a good computer and money I'm buying it. But which one should I bye?

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That's tough...But I recommend asylum first.

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Now to wait... some day... some day pensive

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interesting Arkham Knight getting an M rating get's me more excited, rocksteady, going out with a bang

Also i actually liked city FAR more than Asylum, don't get me wrong asylum is great I just loved city more

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Sadly, it means I can't get it. :cry:

I agree, I really liked the side missions.

Do we know why the Arkham Knight is yet?

No, and I think it's best that way. Let's have a little mystery.

Ah yes, countless hours of ragequitting trying to get riddler trophies.

I wasn't a fan of Arkham Asylum, but Arkham City is one of my favorite games EVER. Those are the only two I've played, and I am looking forward to Arkham Knight. Plus, I gave up on Riddler Trophies.

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I got all the riddler trophies in city and I don't know why

I gave up on them. I didn't feel like wasting my time, finding a bunch of collectible garbage. I wanted to find all of the Azrael locations, figure out who has been cutting off the faces of the inmates, and destroy the Venom Canisters.

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ooo what's this I've found?

Co-op confirmed for Arkham Knight

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No, sorry. I spoke too soon. Why would they name a feature dual play if it just meant you can change between characters in battle?

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aw... well still cool

Sorry to have mislead you. I just read "Dual Play" and jumped to conclusions.

it's fine : P

Batman Arkham Knight Season Pass Revealed.

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