Batman Movie Style Vehicles

In hype for the movie, I decided to start making a whole lot of vehicles for the caped crusader. These are the first of many to come. So anyways, here is a Bat-bike.

This Bat-wing (kinda?)

And now this Bat-roller thing

Here is the video of the missile functions. If you push the back roll bar back, two missiles will fire forward.

Just one last thing, a small Bat-motorcycle

Happy building!


I’m not a system guy, but these seem pretty cool!

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You know, this got me thinking. Was there ever a lego version of The Dark Knight Trilogy’s Batmobile? I’m genuinely curious.

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We did get the Tumbler, as a UCS set and a polybag, and a Dark Knight Rises set that came with a Batwing, from what I can recall.

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Very well designed and unique vehicles. The red accents is an original touch, but I personally prefer his signature trans yellow

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@Rockho, I would have used trans. yellow cockpit pieces, but I do not have any. That is why the cockpit for the Bat-wing is made up of 1 by 2 trans. yellow bricks. Keep in mind these are in the movie style, which is black with red accents, and the only trans. yellow on those vehicles are the cockpits and a few studs. I do agree with you though, I do like and prefer trans. yellow. I guess I could have added in more, but whatever.

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