Batman Ninja (2018)

This post is long overdue.

Discuss thoughts on this phenomenal anime-ized batman movie!


This cannot be an actual thing…

please tell me this is Fan Made

I’m not an anime guy by any means but this looks interesting.

My only question is “Why?”
I saw this yesterday, and I just don’t get it.

I saw this abot… 3-4 days ago? it’s weird

I have no idea what I just watched, but I think I liked it.

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Just slap the LEGO logo on it, and you got two TLM wannabes :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


No way

I saw the trailer for this the other day. I’m pretty excited for it, several people from Gurren Lagann and Jojo are working on it.

I’m not certain on the CGI though. Beserk 2016-17 had that, and it was pretty bad.



I’ll certainly watch it when it comes out.

I’m looking forward to it because of the amount of Jojo people that are making it. Thus it has to be good.


The concept is silly enough to work, I just hope it won’t end up being just endless sword fights featuring the caped crusader only because it looks cool.

I also haven’t seen anything from Kamikaze Douga before so I’m interested in seeing how they stand out from the rest of the smaller animation studios.

Wow, Joker’s voice is super impressive! at some points it becomes very bland, but still a better voice than we’ve had in a long time.

As for his appearance… Still better than Ledger or Leto.

Oh yeah I don’t know why this exists either

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Um, alright

It looks interesting, I may watch the first episode to see how good it is.
Also Evil Sensei Joker?

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Oh right this was a thing. I absolutely hated it. I bursted out laughing when the army of monkey’s ex machina showed up, was in tears when they combined into a giant baby monkey, and couldn’t breathe when the bats showed up and made the giant Batman. If you liked it, that’s fine, it just was not my type of movie.

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hmm :thinking:

I dunno about this.

Personally, I’m not by any means an Anime guy, but I might give this a shot.