Battle Arachnoid Constraction Revamp

As most of you can probably guess, this is a revamp of the battle Arachnoid set from Exo-Force for the Bio-cup.

You could revamp any set, be it technic, constraction, or system. I chose the latter to challenge myself. Exo Force seemed like a good fit with diverse options to choose from

This design doesn’t stray far from the original looks of the set. There is an extra pair of legs to make it actually an arachnid. Also the little mini droid thing is also more spider-like. Oh, and the main mech has a turret mode as well!

The aesthetic is also more smooth, though generally the same color blocking is present.

If I remade this once again, I would try and make the legs look a bit less spindly, and bricklink to fix the color issues on his legs.

I hope you enjoyed. If you want to follow along with the contest on flickr, you can go here.



Great revamp, the mini drone when attached seems a bit bulky, but that’s really the only complaint.

I’m feeling like lego mechs now…


Thanks for the comment and feedback! I wish that the mini drone could have been better integrated too. There’s just no room for it at this scale. It seems like the original had the same problem.

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Man. Nostalgia…

How about that. The machine looks useful now.

R.I.P Exo Force! (ps good job)

I like it, It’s really simple but looks good.

@LTVmocs Exactly the reason why it was chosen for this contest

@Leoxander Yeah, the original looke kinda weird.

@AdventurerA Thanks!

@AwesomeJoel27 That tends to be the way my builds go.

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Great revamp!

I love exo force…

How LOSS should have looked like.

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@TeslaEffect Thanks! It would have been nice. LOSS wasn’t exactly a full spider. Some colors/details would need to be altered. Its a good simple spider design.

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Cute spoder.


I’m a simple man, I see Exo-Force, I hit like.


I remember wanting to buy this when I was younger

Same here. Never bought any exo-force sets new, but they always looked so cool.

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