Battle with the members above you!

to the powerful legendary battlefield of Battle With The Member Above You!
RULES: Fight each other
You can fight with really anyone who posted here. Of course, this is all just a silly game and i don’t actually want to watch people get into a heated argument. i can do that anytime by going onto twitter
Have fun or else


I attack Heyzorks with an army of 10 trillion rats!

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I attack @Enbeanie with an army of Living life-sized Chess Board pieces.

I attack @LegoDavid with a gaggle of animate rubber chickens.

I attack @Alucia with a hailstorm of banana peels.

It pokes me in the head!
I retort by spraying hot coffee at @Enbeanie !

I attack @Rukah by spewing a bunch of random LEGO parts on the floor of his room am making him step on them!

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Oh, those fish bit off all my skin!

I counterattack against @Enbeanie by shooting him with a Squid Launcher™. Squids are sure to be more effective than fish, making my revenge!

I use my shoes to kick @LegoDavid in the face!

please read the rules!
it’s good attack
i attack rukah with a razor edged hat!

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Nobody can hit me with a shoe and go unpunished!

I go to the Shoe store and buy all their stock available, fill up a dump truck with all those shoes, and then dump then all on @Rukah!

The hat is coming right for me! But…

The hat slices through the pile of shoes and sets me free!
I pelt @LegoDavid with pancakes!

Not effective…

I turn into a blue panda and strangle @Rukah with my long bushy tail!

@Rukah slips out of your grasp with some olive oil!

i attack @The_Blue_Panda with my daybreak!

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It isn’t effective.
I throw the remaining olive oil at @The_Blue_Panda !

It is not effective, but does make @The_Blue_Panda slick.
I attack @Rukah by firing a tungsten rode from space at him.

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I use the power of Anime to turn the rod into wet cabbage leaves and throw them back at @cynic1987

Critical strike, @cynic1987 is stunned. Recovers with use of a nui stone!
Counters by lunching boxs of feral cats at @Alucia

@Alucia is caught off guard! One of the boxes hits him!
Meanwhile, I release Marendar on @cynic1987 !

since we have no canon information about marendar, @cynic1987
is safe!

i attack @rukah with with my last prism!