BattleBots/Robot Wars Topic

Let’s discuss BattleBot, or Robot Wars if you live in the UK. For me I watch BattleBots.

My favorite robots are Witch Doctor and Tombstone.

And when they fought it was glorious.


I watched an episode a while ago. Tombstone was scary… :fearful:

My dad and brother love this show.

Best show ever.

Tombstone is a monster, and I love it.

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reviving this topic because i love combat robotics
personal top 5 robots:
5. quantum
4. thor
3. gabriel 2
2. shatter

  1. nuts 2

honorable mentions to HUGE, mammoth and eruption

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My personal favorite is Bite Force. What an amazing team and machine.

In 2018, I was lucky enough to be able to meet the teams behind HUGE!, Bite Force, Sawblaze, and Valkyrie. Not only did I get to meet the teams, but I got to see their robots! It was pretty cool.

I’m excited to see that the Season 5 is going to be filmed in October. :slight_smile:

I really hope season 5 is going to be good. real shame we don’t have any active teams up here in sweden. we’ve got Rawbot and whirlpool 70 from the old Robot wars world championships atleast. me and a friend have been cooking up something to add to that list.

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Loved Robot Wars when I was a kid, the glory days of Hypnodisc and Chaos 2! It was a shame that the return a few years ago was so short-lived…

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