Battlefield 1

I believe this game will be +18 to say the least, so yeah, I don’t even know if I can make this topic

I waited for this game for a year or so, and I waited for the trailer for like… 2 weeks? I don’t know, but now that the trailer is here I just have to say this is going to be one of the best games of the year


Wasn’t there like btd4 already made?

battlefield 4? yeah, but it takes place in 2020, and now they went back to 1914-1918 so they called it Battlefield 1


Oh…right. Thnx 4 telling moi.

Man, I’m just happy to have a WWI shooter.


I’m surprise that this got over 10mill views under a day, mainly due to the fact its going the proper direction. :gregf: and im aware that the recent cod game is hated from the plot n’ gameplay

dude this looks amazing!

yeah someone just got rekt


Seems like Space of Duty didn’t have a call this year.


this game looks freaking great, never thought they would go to world war 1


a b s o l u t e l y d e s t r o y e d

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I’m super happy they went back to a historical setting. I can’t wait to hop in my Fokker Dr.I and strafe some cavalry.

yeah that looks awesome, but maybe it is a little bit expensive uh?

someone really want them to fight

Being perfectly honest here

I absolutely hate the whole CoD vs Battlefield.

Looks great, as someone who has a great interest in history it’s very exciting to see a AAA game tackle a game set during WWI, which very few games do.

This looks like it’ll be awesome

This looks quite interesting to me. It’s very refreshing to see a AAA FPS like this go back in time (I’ve seen plenty of WWII shooters over the years, but not too many for WWI); as opposed to CoD continuing to go further into the future (again).

Can’t wait to see some additional gameplay at some point.

I heard that some youtubers were able to play it, and they said it was awesome

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In all seriousness though, I’m excited about this. WWI seems like a really cool setting.