Battlefront Mythica: Tournament Topic

If you’ve read the Main Sign up Topic, you’ll understand what to do. Gather some friends, and begin a tournament, by posting below.

How to: Tournaments
The Tournaments will be held in the Tournament Topic, each night, several players can join the “board” held in a PM, and take turns using special powers/skills derived from training, and origin.
The Tournaments, can only be won, by one person, unless, people are willing to play a team tournament, which requires an even number of players.

Team Tournaments
This kind of tournament, is won by one or more remaining players of a team. The smallest team tournament, is a 2 on 2, the largest, is a 7 on 7.

Last Man Standing Tournaments
This is a different style of tournament, where there are no turns, just each player will freely cast one move after another.

Peace Tournaments
This style, is where no one “wins”. Players choose how much time they would like, and then the players are ranked by how many points they had, and they each get a reward, growing bigger as it gets into the higher ranks.
In peace tournaments, there is no fighting, just a challenge of powerful spells, against spirits.


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