Battleship Dojo Adventures!

This is Shido, Ninja of Earth. With his Battleship Dojo, he can travel across realms.

This is his nemesis, Lord Mixel Eye. He has the power to destroy a realm.

So, where will Shido go?

Your choices:

A: Bricksburg
B: Chima
C: Ninjago
D: Reality

E: John Cena

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I vote Reality.

Horray! Another interactive photo comic to replace mine!

D: Reality

You gotta deliver if you don't want me to copy!

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All right, Reality won.

Shido started up the battleship, and with a bop dop shi wop, ado, it flew off.

I'm gonna crash!

crashing intensifies

Hmn? What's this?

I didn't sliiiiiiiiip!!!

Now what?

A: Shido tests out the buttons on the controller

B: Shido jumps off the controller

C: Shido climbs back up to his ship and gets outta here!

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Option A plz

I vote for a controller test run...

Option A because I'm a sucker for the GameCube

All right guys, expect a gamecube test run later today!

A, please.

I vote A.

Quite the battleship

[/insert totally descriptive smiley face here]

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Shido started to test out the buttons.

He heard a jingle

...And then the voice....

Super Mario Sunshine!

All righty, what should happen?

No options now.


So do I vote for nothing?

Shido says "Screw it, I ain't playing this" and walks out of the room.

No, just make up what happens next.

Shido attempts to beat the game, with his eyes closed...

Shido goes back to the Battleship.