Bayonicle Tahu

I drew a picture of Tahu of what he would look like in the Bayformers movies.


It would have more useless little bits on it, and don't forget the weird lines, but, other than that, you're pretty accurate! :smiley:


Needs more detail and a gun hand, but yeah this is pretty accurate.

not messy and inaccurate enough.

0/10 :stuck_out_tongue:


You can't see it because I didn't color it, but Tahu is silver. :stuck_out_tongue:
And he has a Australian accent.

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The hell is a western accent?

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Not overgreebled and straying-away-from-source-material-ing enough.

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There's a lack of explosions in the background


This is actually pretty good.

This is not Michael Bay Tahu. He needs to have close to 9 million gears, pistons, and his metal body needs to be extremely complex. He also needs to be so complex that no one in their right mind would draw him... like bayformer Optimus Prime levels of complexity, and then throw in some bayformer megatron for good measure.

That would be Bayonicle Tahu.


you're not going far enough

first, he has to look nothing like Tahu, second, he needs to have 146 pistons at the very least, third, he needs to be greebled beyond belief to the point where you can't even make out any details

this actually looks alright, just not Michael Bay enough :stuck_out_tongue:


Requires more lens flare. And maybe a little more lens flare.... and maybe just a little bit more. Nice shaping though. Could use some more lens flare.

Children, children, please. You are all thinking way too small.
He cannot have anything over his mouth
He must be made of only pistons. Each ccbs bone MUST have several hundred pistons in it.
His armor has to be brutally scarred with no explanation
He must be absolutely hideous
He must be the master of explosions
His weapons must be guns as well as swords, and, of course, have several million pistons on them
The screen must fade to black every three milliseconds causing global seizures followed by the loudest "BOOOOOM" ever heard to mankind
The world he is in must have pistons

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Get it right :stuck_out_tongue:

JK, this looks pretty cool.

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That's JJ Abrams' thing, not so much Bay's

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and it was the stylistic choice he made for star trek

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And Star Wars as-well it would seem.

the only lens flare I saw in the trailer was the red light from... whatever Kylo was looking at

we're getng off topic

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