Beast Chronicles - An In-Progress Story

In 2010, I began to write (technically type) a story. I had the intention to turn it into a novel, but I got writers block (for 2 years). I'll post some stuff here to see if anyone wants me to post more.
P.S. I'm working on posting concept art later!


Long ago, there was a great kingdom of dragons. It was the most powerful land of its time. Its people worked to have everyone at peace and calm. However, none of us knew of what was held in store for our future. One day, the first purple dragon, who in the legends would be great heroes of our kind, was born. On that day however, the nearby volcano erupted, making strange crystals rain down from the sky. Any dragon caught in the shower of stones began to transform into creatures beyond recognition. The dragons said it wasn’t a problem, but time would tell otherwise. Many years later, the dragons banished us from our great city. One-thousand years later still, someone broke where we had fled to, away from that land. We later called the new land Beast Island, referring to our monster-like appearances. We now call ourselves, the Mutant Dragons. I too, Turuko Quake am one of them. We built our own new kingdom that was far more powerful than that of the dragons. It seems however, that even we had evil lurking among our kind. 
This story I shall tell you is what I like to call, The Beast Chronicles.


1527 B.K. Beast Island…

	Kreken was sitting in a tree looking around for a target. Sitting next to him was his friend Nidico. Kreken was a boxy blue and silver figure with two wings, four legs and a tail his head had two silver horns and his eyes glowed a deep red. Nidico was quite different. He too had four legs, two wings, and a tail and was silver; however he had a smother frame and was a green color. Nidico also had red eyes but he had four silver horns on his head.
	Nidico broke the silence. “I still think this is a bad idea,” he said. Kreken glared at him. “You scared?” he said teasingly. 
“No,” Nidico answered, “Only if we get in trouble.” 
	They both heard a rustle under them. Kreken grabbed a coconut that he had in the tree and was now aiming for whatever was coming. He was one of the best at tossing on the island. He leaned back and fired like a catapult.
	It hit a blue and grey figure in the head. Very angrily he turned around and looked right at Kreken and Nidico. “Kreken!” he yelled madly. 
Nidico quickly turned to face Kreken and said, “Told you!” Right after he said this, they both jumped onto the ground, spun around and took off running with a very angry someone chasing after them. 
	This chase went on for about two miles when they reached a dead-end. They slowly turned around to face their chaser. The instant they met his eyes, they went cold. The one that had been after them was none other than Beo, the lone wolf of the island, hence the name Beo Wolf. 
Beo has reptilian eyes like most of the people on the island but was the only one with blue eye color. Beo was about six feet tall and can’t stand flat on his feet because of two claw-like points on the back of each heel extending them above the ground. His hands each had five silver talons that served as fingers. His tail was three feet long. On his back there are two silver spikes each curving to look like wings. His mouth was always covered with a blue-grey mask and he had a blue crown-like piece of armor that resembled a wolf on his head. Beo usually was never seen in any of the clan villages and was believed to live somewhere in the jungle. 
	Beo was not a big fan of Kreken and Nidico, especially Kreken. “H-h-hi, B-b-beo,” said Nidico trying to get out of trouble. 
“Don’t you even say hi to me right now,” said Beo. His voice was that of an ancient warrior. 
	Kreken tried to hide his fear and said,” Hi Woof.” using his nickname he gave to Beo. 
This sent Nidico into a panic, “His name is Beo! Don’t call him that!” he said, grabbing and shaking Kreken with his front feet. 
Beo, having had enough of it said, “Why you,” as he began to raise his arm to strike them. Nidico and Kreken braced themselves for the blow.
	But the blow never came, as someone hit Beo right in the side. Beo was hit again in the stomach and was knocked back ten feet. Kreken and Nidico looked to see that Veezou, their teacher had come to help them.
	Veezou or “Vez” for short had his entire right arm from the elbow down turned into a cane, which is what he had been using to hit Beo with. Veezou had one red eye and one blue eye and wore an Iron mask on his face. He was pretty much just an orange lizard that wore an old brown robe.
	“Beo, what is the meaning of this? No, don’t tell me. Kreken apologize,” said Veezou. 
“Sorry.” said Kreken. 
“Oh you will be. Someday,” said Beo as he turned around and walked back into the jungle.
	Veezou turned and glared at them. “You two need to learn to stay out of trouble, not cause it. You can’t always have me save you from danger,” he said. 
“Yes sir,” said Kreken and Nidico at the same time. 
“And leave poor Beo alone,” he continued. “He’s been through a lot of pain ever since our banishment. He never could tell a friend good-bye.”
	“Now you get back home before I call Beo to make you. You have a review tomorrow, so rest up,” he finished. At this they trampled over each other and began running home. Veezou sighed. “You two are too much,” he thought to himself as he began to follow them.

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[Chapter 1]

	Kreken got to the village first and was already on his way home when he saw one of his friends. This person was large and was about six feet tall. He had stone armor on his head, wrists, feet and center body, and the rest of him was a light tan. 
“Hi Boulder.” said Kreken. 
At this his friend turned around and said, “You forgot again. I’m Pebble. He’s Boulder.” 
At this a smaller version of Pebble looked over his ride’s shoulder. Pebble and Boulder were twin brothers, but the reason why they were named the opposite of their size had everyone baffled.
	Nidico had finally caught up by this time and was panting. “We ran into Beo again today.” 
Pebble said, “Old Cold again? You need to leave him be. At night he…” 
“Shhhh!” said Boulder, “We can’t talk about that.” 
“Okay they can find out on their own,” said Pebble. 
“No. Don’t give them any ideas,” said Boulder.
	“Come on, I want to go home,” said Nidico. 
“Not until after Legend Telling,” said Kreken excitedly. 
Nidico sighed, “Oh, alright,” 
Pebble jumped, “I forgot!” They heard a yelp and a thump. They turned to see that Boulder had fallen on the ground due to Pebble’s unexpected jump. 
“Warn me next time,” said Boulder.

	Legend Telling is when the village members gather to be told a story and occurs once a week in every clan village. A new story was told every night. In the Jungle Clan, they had Beo help with telling scary stories. The Quake Clan had Zarkuno tell the stories with help from Veezou. 
	After everyone had gathered, Zarkuno stood up. He stands almost six feet tall. His left arm was a sword from the wrist down. Zarkuno’s armor was all silver with yellow pieces mostly resembling lightning, the rest of him was black. He looked like a knight.
	Zarkuno taped his sword on the ground three times, a signal for everyone to be quiet. Everyone then leaned forward, waiting for the tale of the week.
	“This week we are to speak of the end of the Games,” announced Zarkuno. “Now, the Games were how we Mutant Dragons were tested. The job of Game Keeper was then created. They were to tell the tested one what they must do to continue the trials, until they finally won.” 
Veezou stood up and began to speak, “The job was given to Modoc Legend. He did quite well it seemed.” 
Nidico shivered. If Beo was the wolf, Modoc was the bear. Beo and Modoc did not get along, period. They had been butting heads for years. It didn’t help that both Beo and Modoc had to be present at island meetings. If Modoc said anything that didn’t please him, Beo would lunge at him. If it wasn’t for sixth in command Garkaiko and his chains, Modoc would be taught a well needed lesson. Some said that Beo would be nicer if Modoc could keep his mouth closed.
“However,” said Zarkuno, scattering Nidico’s thoughts, “Some told our leaders that Modoc mistreated them. Beo, it seemed was the only one that believed it. Everyone just ignored the rumors.” 
“All that changed one fateful day,” said Veezou, “Someone from the Typhoon Clan, Hurricane, saw the truth. He found Modoc fighting against one that was being tested, who said he didn’t want to continue. Hurricane stepped in and stopped Modoc.”
Zarkuno finished, “After Hurricane told the leaders of this, the Games were banned, never to be played again.” 
“The games we play today serve as a replacement and a reminder of that time,” said Veezou.
“I have looked at the stars,” said Zarkuno. 
“Oh no, here we go again,” said Veezou. 
“Ignore him,” said a listener. 
“The stars show that Modoc has darkness in his heart. For this, I fear the worst,” Zarkuno continued, “However they also show something else.” 
He looked and then called, “Kreken, Nidico,” They both got up and came closer. “According to the stars, you will lead Modoc to his downfall,” he said as he tapped Kreken on the head. 
At this Veezou began laughing, “You and the stars. In my day, stars said which way to travel, not the future,” 
“Do you doubt Destiny?!” yelled Zarkuno, “If you do, you doubt all time itself!” 
“You listen. I only believe in worrying about the present, and learning from the past. Now if you ask me, I’d say you should get your head out of the clouds,” said Veezou. 
“That’s enough,” I, Turuko said walking up.
Maybe now I should describe myself. My arms and legs are on fire. I have armor with a mix of red, black, yellow, silver and crimson colors. At full height I am seven feet tall. I have two short pipes on my head that spew fire like horns. I have two blades extending from my back that spew fire in the form of wings. Some say I resemble a bull.
Everyone stood at attention. Nidico gulped. I walked right up to Veezou, “What example are you trying to show? You know why we were banished; because the Dragons hated us. So is the reason we try not to hate.” 
I leaned forward to get to his eye level since he is five and a half feet tall, “His methods are his problem not yours. You keep to your own problems. Do I make myself clear?” 
He sighed, “Yes sir.” 
“Good,” I said as I turned around, “Don’t let it happen again. Carry on.” They watched after me until my flames vanished into the night.

Later that night Kreken and Nidico walked home with Pebble and Boulder. “Boulder,” Pebble asked, “do you believe in Destiny?” 
“The principle, yes; the predictions, no. Just because someone says something is going to happen doesn’t mean it is destiny.” 
“Well I say the predictions are like flipping a coin and picking which side you think it will land on. Sometimes you’re right, sometimes you’re wrong.” 
“Good point,” said Kreken. 
A member of the Quake Clan ran by. It was Waethery, Kreken and Nidico’s third Teammate for games. He, Kreken, Nidico and Boulder were three feet tall if Kreken and Nidico stood on their back feet. Waethery has three light blue crystal-like spikes attached to his head that formed a protective helmet. 
“Don’t forget,” he told them on his way by, “games are in two weeks.” 
“Thanks for the reminder,” said Nidico as they reached their homes. Kreken and Nidico’s houses were right next to each other, with Pebble and Boulder living across from them. All the houses were carved out of the desert floor many years before. Each house had a hole to let in air and light.
“Oh dear,” said Pebble. 
“Lost the key again?” asked Boulder. 
“Yep,” answered Pebble. 
Boulder sighed, “You guys have the spare?”
“Certainly,” said Kreken, who then jumped up a few bricks in a pile, jumped on top of his roof and then jumped down the hole in it. A few seconds later a key flew out of the hole and into Boulder’s hand.
Kreken opened his door and walked out to see Nidico staring at him. “What?” said Kreken. 
“So that’s how you get in my house every morning,” said an astonished Nidico. At this Kreken giggled.
“See you two later,” said Boulder. 
As Pebble turned around, Kreken asked, “What did you mean about Beo earlier?” 
“Ask Veezou,” Boulder said over his shoulder as Pebble opened the door.
After the door closed they heard Pebble talking, “I call top bunk!”
“No way! You’ll break it, fall and then squish me!” was Boulder’s response.
Kreken and Nidico looked at each other, shrugged, turned around and went to their doors. 
“I’m not helping you study this time,” said Nidico before Kreken could say anything. They both went inside and closed their doors not noticing someone standing around the corner. That someone jumped into the street and began running north to the Legend clan village.

Fatal was watching the crew continue their repairs. Fifty years and they were still fixing the village walls. Signs of cannon fire and dynamite explosions were all over the walls. During the day over eighty workers helped to repair their protective barrier, and had much progress. When night fell however, the workforce went down to fifth-teen, and slowed the speed drastically. 
Fatal’s most distinguishing features are his hands. His right hand is engulfed in flames, while his left is frozen solid. To protect everything he touched he had gloves made to cover his hands, which made a new problem, the ends of his gloves were either on fire or frozen. He then made armor to hide his gloves, until he discovered that he couldn’t take the armor off, and it has been that way ever since. Afterward he made golden pieces to put on his armor. He has black arms with a line down the side that’s color depended on which arm it was. His legs were brown while his main body armor was purple. The armor on his right foot was red while on his left was blue. His head had a silver helmet with a piece of it where his mouth should have been, his face was golden and his eyes glowed a dim yellow.
He suddenly realized that he was flipping his coin and stopped. He was told that he needed to control himself or Draco would get involved. It was only Draco’s status that scared him, not Draco himself. But he was told this by Leon who made silly threats.
“Fatal,” said someone who was behind him. He turned to see one of his friends, Albino.
Albino was believed to be half yeti, since he liked the cold so much. He had a black mask that was said to be made of coal. His armor is a light blue, and for some strange reason he added golden cuffs and a cross-strap to the mix, leaving the rest of his body pure white. His spine is curved in a loop, making his head be in the center of his upper body.
“One of your spies for the Quake Clan has reported Kreken and Nidico asking about Beo,” Informed Albino. 
At this Fatal sighed, “Well, they should know. I’ll have them sent here tomorrow.” 
Albino got worried with this and replied, “But, Modoc might force them to reveal his home. That would get them into enough trouble to be banished.”
“I know the risk!” growled Fatal, “Me and Beo don’t trust them. But I trust Veezou, which is good enough for me.”
Albino shrugged and as he turned said, “If you say so.” He then vanished into the night, leaving Fatal to resume watching the repairs.

Nidico was having a strange dream. He was looking in a mirror and saw himself or he thought it was him. The reflection looked in a way like a four-legged insect with crab-like claws on the end of its arms. He was starting to lose focus and suddenly…
He let out a yell, fell out of his bed, hit the floor and let out a groan. Kreken, having had been the one who woke him up, was standing over him.
“Why must you do that?” asked a drowsy Nidico. 
“Sorry, can’t help it,” said Kreken.
“I’ll show you can’t help it,” said Nidico.
A few minutes later they were in the street. They both were the youngest on the island at fifty years of age, making them the only ones in their class. But they also were a problem for some people. 
They were now passing Torch Iron, the only Blacksmith on the island’s shop when Torch called them over. “Think you boys can help me later today?” he asked.
	Torch stood a full six feet tall if he wasn’t holding his steel hammer. He wore iron boots that he made himself so he didn’t hurt his toes when he dropped something, which he did often. The helmet that he wore had a visor to protect his eyes and resembled a nail head. He also had a problem with the islands population of winged mice, chasing them whenever he got the chance.
	“As long as it doesn’t involve the shop,” said Nidico, recalling that in the past, Kreken had broken stuff inside and they both got chased all over the village, sometimes they got Pebble and Boulder into the mix. This also explains why Beo stayed in the jungle most of the time. Beo, when resting, sinks into his own shadow and can feel if someone “Steps” on him. Pebble set the record for stepping on Beo the most. Sometimes in these wild chases, if the path crossed Beo, he would be trampled by everybody.
	“No, what I need is someone to take these tools I have up to the Legend Clan village.” Replied Torch. 
Eagar to travel they agreed to help. 
“Thanks,” said Torch with a slight hint of regret. 
I hate that I have to make them go through with Beo’s truth, Torch thought to himself as they walked away.

	“Alright our last review is tomorrow. Then in two days we will go over everything in our history,” said Veezou, after the review. He then went to the shelves in the back of the room. 
Kreken, remembering what Boulder said last night asked, “Is there something wrong with Beo?”
	At this Veezou froze, turned to look at him, a look of regret on his face, and then turned back, “Go find Fatal in the Legend Clan village. He will show you.” 
Nidico started, “Can’t you just tell…” 
	“I already regret letting you know, as it is!” yelled Veezou, slamming his fist down. He then calmed his voice, “I just don’t want you to hate me for this.” 
	“Just go,” said Veezou. 
	“But…” began Kreken.
	“Go!” yelled Veezou, almost screaming.
	Nidico and Kreken both went out the door. After Veezou saw them leave, he slammed his fist into the wall.

	“Torch!” a voice called out. At this the Blacksmith woke up from his nap. He saw Kreken and Nidico walking his way. 
He then sighed then said to himself, “Might as well get it over with.”
	When they got there, Torch told them, “Hang on, it’s in the back, I’ll get it.” He then disappeared behind a corner.
	A moment later, he came back with the cart of tools. “Follow me,” he said and then moved down the road to the north. Three minutes later, they were at the north edge of town. 
	“Okay,” said Torch, “Follow this road and you’ll be there in no time.”
	“Thanks,” said Nidico, who then began to push the cart.
	Torch watched them go for a moment, and then went back to his shop. He sat in his chair, and went back to sleep, hoping that they wouldn’t blame him for what was to come.

	Veezou locked the door and headed south to the Tsunami Clan village. He planned to see an old friend for advice.
	On his way he stopped by to see Pebble and Boulder. They were carving dice, he could tell, by the large reject pile. The two couldn’t get the right look for the dice. Veezou recalled that Torch wanted them to make a die design with a rock, and then he would make it out of a better material.
 “No, no, no, that one has a crack in it!” complained Boulder. Pebble tossed it, knowing he couldn’t win any argument with him. 
	Veezou walked over to them so they would know of what might happen. He hoped they could help.

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[Chapter 2]

	After one hour of traveling in the desert, Kreken had enough of it. “Okay, I’m resting now,” he told Nidico. He sat on a dagger-shaped rock, only to discover it was now breaking.
	Unfortunately, he knew this too late. The top half of the rock snapped off, sending the rock and a screaming Kreken down the hill. Nidico then pushed the cart and let it go down the hill with him on board. On the way down, Nidico got a pole out of the cart, got it under Kreken and pulled him onto the cart, leaving the rock to fly downhill. 
	A moment later, the cart came to a stop. Kreken jumped out and landed on a grassy field, with a volcano looming in the distance. At the foot of the great mountain was a village surrounded by walls.
	“Come on,” said Nidico, “It’s not that far.” He rolled the cart to the north with Kreken now trying to pull it from the front. Not noticing that it was starting to rain, they kept going.

	Unlike Nidico and Kreken, the Legend Clan noticed and enjoyed the rain. Water helped to cool and mold the walls together. Rain increased the speed of the process and refilled the fountain in the village square, the only source for two miles.
	Only one thing was annoying about the rain, the mud afterward. Mud kept everyone from continuing repair work. Most of the ground next to the wall was dirt, three feet deep. This left people that could fly to do it, but most of them were lazy.
	There was however something being sent today with the tool delivery, rope gear. Rope gear could be used in place of ladders to go up the walls and lift up other gear for repairs. “Compliments to the Jungle Clan” was what everyone said about it.
	Vinwing was in charge of the delivery today, which he thought was a boring job. Vinwing is three and a half feet tall, with wings on his arms like a bat, stretching out to a six foot wingspan. He also has three vine-like tails, which when tired he would use to walk around. He mostly sits around, doing nothing, just like now.
	As he heard cart wheels he looked to his left and saw Kreken using his head to push the bar on the front of the cart. He kept going until Vinwing came over and grabbed him. “Now, now, no need to wear yourself out.” said a very concerned Vinwing. Kreken then jumped to his left. Nidico, feeling more resistance stopped pushing and came around to him.
	Vinwing asked, “What are you thinking pushing that thing through the desert?” “We were asked by Torch to bring it,” replied Kreken. 
Vinwing shook his head, “Then you must be looking for Fatal.” 
	“He’s in there,” Vinwing said pointing at a small shop, “He’s expecting you.”
	“Thanks,” said Nidico as he and Kreken walked to the shop.

	Nidico was the first inside and saw Fatal looking at an old rock. 
“Hey, Noe!” called Fatal.
“What?” a voice in the back replied.
“Can you tell me how much this is?” asked Fatal.
“Hang on, I’m coming,” said the voice, which was followed by a yell and then a loud crash. “I meant to do that,” was the next thing said.
A small brown hump appeared behind the front desk moving to the right, and then someone appeared behind it. “Noe Biddy home,” he said.
Noe’s head was a brown dome with two yellow eyes. His left hand was a shovel.
“Oh that?” said Noe, who then disappeared behind the desk again, and walked around the corner to reveal that he was three feet tall.
He came over, took the rock, looked at it and gave it back to Fatal saying, “Twenty-five Gems.” 
“Good enough,” said Fatal. 
Nidico remembered that the currency of gems was used by both Mutant and normal dragons alike. Each color had a different value and some have special effects on creatures, like red gems which can heal people.
Nidico counted one blue, two purple, one green and three red gems as Fatal paid for the rock. 
“Thanks Fate,” said Noe. 
“Don’t call me that,” responded Fatal.
“Okay, whatever,” Noe called back.
On his way out the door Fatal said, “Come with me.”
Nidico and Kreken followed.

Fatal stopped at an old road, now muddy from the rain. He then turned around and bent down on one knee. “I am going to show you where the home of Beo is,” he told them, “But you must promise me that you will not tell Modoc where it is.” His two followers nodded up and down, Nidico nodded much faster out of fear of Beo.
“Also be careful around Modoc. He can easily manipulate the minds of others to get what he wants,” he said as he stood up, “Now stay close, you can get lost easily.”
The three of them began walking down the path into the deep jungle, not noticing Albino and Vinwing watching them.
“You think this will be too much for them?” asked Albino.
“They’re just children,” said Vinwing, “to show them the secret that we have all kept for years, it’s like committing murder.”
“Turuko said it is the right thing to. And I trust his judgment.” was Albino’s reply.
	Vinwing sighed, “One can only imagine the nightmares that they will have.”
	Albino stretched his arms into the air, “Well, better get back to work. If you want, you can talk to Draco about it.” He then turned around and walked down the stairs, leaving Vinwing to ponder.

	Kreken whacked yet another branch out of the way. Nidico ducked to avoid getting hit by it. Fatal was up ahead having now stopped. Kreken and Nidico ran over to him. He then went to his right and stopped again, pulling back two large leaves, to reveal that they were on a cliff.
	“Look,” said Fatal, pointing at the jungle down below, “you can see the Jungle Clan village from here.” He then looked at the horizon, “About one hour till sunset, more than enough time. Good.” 
“Why before sunset?” Kreken asked as Fatal replaced the leaves. 
“Beo has a little..,” he started.
He paused, searching for a word.
“Change at sunset,” he finished.
Nidico had a questioning look written on his face, unlike Kreken who wanted to see for himself.
“Come on we are almost there,” Fatal said as they continued the trip. No one saw a thin figure swing by on a vine.

Fatal and company had now reached a large clearing. The two moons had begun to climb up into the sky, while the setting sun seemed inches from the ground. 
Fatal turned to face his followers, “What you are about to see, has been kept secret from you for fifty years.” 
Kreken and Nidico looked at each other and then back to Fatal.
“Don’t keep this to yourselves, everyone already knows,” He finished, stepping aside, “Please stand back.” 
As soon as he did this, Beo entered the clearing. He looked and saw Kreken and Nidico, sighed, kept walking to the center of the clearing and stopped. He then said, “I’m going to regret this for a long time.”
Fatal was now counting down for the end of sunset, “Five, four, three, two, and one.” The night had begun.
Beo let out a gasp as if in pain and fell onto his hands and knees. The armor on his hands started to grow up his arms to his elbows, which were turning from black to silver. The armor on his feet began to morph, giving him three claws on each foot and covered his legs up to the knees. The silver plating on his back split apart to reveal shaggy, thick, gray-blue fur. The claw-like points suddenly lanced out and were now three feet long silver blades. His tail was now five feet long. His neck was extending to one and a half feet long, and the armor on his head was now molding to his face. And the mask that covered his mouth slipped down to reveal rows of silver teeth. His head was now wolf-shaped, with two sharp points looking like ears. Beo’s eyes then opened, he stood up and let out a great roar that could be heard throughout the jungle. 
At this Kreken fainted. When Beo turned in Nidico’s direction, Nidico went into a panic, spun around and ran for his life. He heard Fatal calling, telling him to come back, but he didn’t care he just wanted to get back home where it was safe. 
He looked behind him to see that Beo was running after him on all fours, the blades on his back slicing through anything in the way. This made Nidico run faster than ever. 
Beo came to an abrupt halt and yelled, “Nidico, stop!” But it was too late. Nidico had run off of the cliff and was now falling toward the jungle below.
“Oh no you don’t!” said Beo who then yelled out while running, “Shadow Wing!” The moment he said this, his shadow beneath him vanished and what seemed to be black flames spread out along the length of the blades on his back, forming wings. Beo then jumped forward and was now flying through the air.
Beo dived over the cliff’s edge, falling faster than Nidico. He swooped in, grabbed the falling Mutant Dragon and zoomed up into the sky. “You should know,” he said, “I can’t eat. The teeth are just part of the package.” Laughing, he flew back over the cliff.
They flew over to the right of Fatal carrying the sleeping Kreken over his left shoulder. He waved and kept walking. 
Nidico, having lost his fear asked, “Um, where are we going?” 
“My place,” he answered, “We are almost fifth-teen miles from the Quake Clan village. Besides,” he grinned, “you had a long day.” 
He then tossed Nidicko onto his back. “Hold on tight!” he said to a very obedient rider. Beo then went to full speed. Nidico liking the feel of the wind yelled, “Yah-hoo!”
Down below Kreken, now awake said, “Well, that’s a first.” 
Fatal laughing said, “Looks like I did him a favor.” 
Nidico’s laughter could be heard for miles.

Kreken woke up, and looked around. He then remembered that he was in Beo’s home. He jumped up and went out the door.
Once outside he gave a gasp of amazement. Beo’s home was a giant training course. There were all sorts of tests, traps, targets and wooden fighting-practice figures.
“Amazing isn’t it,” said Fatal walking over, “Beo carved all of this himself. Used what was left of the ships from the invasion fifty years ago to finish.” 
Nidico, who was now awake, asked, “What is it for?” 
“Well, now,” said Fatal, who seemed to like all the questions, “Beo uses it so he doesn’t forget how to fight. He also lets other people use it, if of course, they can handle him.” At this he chuckled.
The three of them heard a loud grunt and looked down over the railing. Beo, now back to normal, was on a large circular wooden platform below, spinning around hitting and kicking targets over and over. 
“This is why I want you not to tell Modoc about this place.” said Fatal. Nidico and Kreken looked at him. “Modoc hates the dragons and wants to build an army to kill them. If he were to know about this place…” 
He paused and then continued.
“It would lead to a war that could destroy everything.” he finished.
Beo, having had heard them, leaped up to the walkway. 
“You won’t tell him now will you?” he asked.
“Wouldn’t dream of it,” answered Nidico.

Pebble was determined. All morning he had searched the horizon for Kreken and Nidicko. 
“You are just wasting time!” yelled Boulder.
To keep from being disturbed, Pebble jumped on the roof of his house and tossed his brother into the street. This made Boulder get covered with dust off of the road. 
Pebble stood up. “There they are!” he yelled, pointing to the west. At this Boulder turned and saw Fatal running in the distance. On each shoulder he was carrying one of the two young Mutant Dragons.
Fatal, now seeing his goal took a big leap. Unfortunately, he missed and ended up tackling Pebble, who then fell on a screaming Boulder. After the dust cleared, it was discovered that Fatal’s head was stuck in the ground and all of his limbs were flailing about in the air. 
“I’ll get him,” said Pebble, getting up. 
He then pulled Fatal out of the ground. Fatal wheezed and said, “Thanks.” He then stood up and dusted himself off. “I’ll be off now. Take care you two.” He took off to the north, leaving a trail of dust behind him.
“If you are looking for Veezou,” said Boulder, “he went to the Tsunami Clan village. He hasn’t come back yet.” 
“Okay, looks like we are off again,” said Kreken. 
“Hold up,” said Torch, who was pulling a cart of bags with one hand and holding his hammer with the other, “You can help me with some errands at the same time.” 
Agreeing to help, the three started off to the southern shore. 

On their way south, after they passed by, a bush started to follow them. Inside, was Vinwing, hoping that he could help in some sort of way. 
   Unfortunately, he failed to notice the hole in his path. He then fell down inside the nine-foot deep opening, let out a yell and hit the bottom.
The three travelers stopped and turned around, only to see no trace of the event. Kreken asked, “What was that?” 
Torch then replied, “Something that has motivated me to keep on moving.”
The three turned and, walking at a faster pace, kept on going on their trip.

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[Chapter 3]

	The island is split up into six areas, each with a village. Five of the areas have villages that we own. The last area, the oasis, is inhabited by other creatures, who were now descendants of prisoners that we freed fifty years before. Using broken pieces of the ship that once held them; they constructed a market-place and a small town to live in. 
Mutant Dragons came here to take jobs from the townsfolk, who feared the dangers of the island. Most of the jobs here were to deliver goods between villages. But, sometimes the goal was to find lost items, which was thanks to a special method used by one of them, that it was located on the island. 
All of the trees grew up to thirty feet high and twenty feet wide, making it possible for them to use for safety, if the river that ran through town ever flooded the ground. This river was also the only source of water for them. Since it flowed from the ocean, the Tsunami clan was responsible for its condition. 
Once every week a boat that sold fish came into town which was owned by Frozyneon. Frozyneon, who is five feet tall, has a body and legs that are white and he has light-blue and silver armor on his arms and feet. He had what looked like the point of a crystal on his head. He ran a good business with the townspeople. 
Today he was getting ready to leave when he saw Torch with his cart entering town. He then waved to have the Blacksmith come over.
“You need a lift Torch?” asked the salesman.
	“We could use one,” answered Torch pointing at Kreken and Nidico, who were now sitting in the cart.
	“Well,” Frozyneon said, “You know what they say; the more, the merrier.” He then helped Torch load-up the cart. 
	“Alright, here we go!” said Frozyneon who went to the back of the boat and then raised his arms. The moment he did this, four white spikes came out of each arm and began to glow. He let out a yell and then clapped his hands together. This made a burst of icy water that accelerated the boat. 
	“Amazing what the Tsunami Clan can do, eh?” said a laughing Torch as they went down the river.

	It took three hours total to get to the shore, two to get to the town and one to ride the boat to the docks. But the view was worth the wait.
	The entire place looked more like a seaside town than a village. All of the streets and buildings were made of carved stone, while the rooftops and docks were made of wood tied together with ropes. Patches for holes in the wood were made from dried seaweed that was dampened and then put in to harden. There were also fishing boats out in the water with nets off to the side. 
	Frozyneon groaned as the boat came to a stop against the side of the dock. He then pulled his hands apart, slumped forward and walked over to a small chest. The chest was opened to reveal dozens of green gems. Frozyneon put one hand on the gems which glowed and then he began to regain his strength.
	After Frozyneon had regained all of his strength, the gems stopped glowing and he closed the chest. This made Nidico remember that green gems restored magic and/or strength to a creature.
	Torch was on the dock with Kreken, who was watching how he tied a knot. The process took ten seconds to finish it. 
	Frozyneon pulled the cart out onto the street and said, “Thanks for helping with the boat Iron.”
	“And thank you for the ride,” said Torch smiling. 
	Frozyneon waved and walked away.
	Torch turned and told his companions, “I need to buy some new tools and materials to use. I’ll give each of you two-hundred gems to buy what I ordered on my last visit here.” He then gave Kreken and Nidico forty purple gems each. Both of them felt a surge of power. Before they could ask, Torch said as he walked away, “Ask Veezou,” He walked on, cart in tow.

	Kreken was lost. It had been two minutes since he started looking for the tool shop. He was so lost in thought that he didn’t notice the person that was walking right in front of him until he collided with him.
	The one he hit was about five feet tall and had blue and silver armor. The armor on his feet and head looked like axe blades. There was a harpoon launcher on each of his wrists. 
	The stranger jumped up and yelled, “Okay, who..?!” he then looked down, saw Kreken and said in a softer tone, “Oh, first visit, huh?” At this Kreken nodded. 
	As Kreken stood back up, the stranger said, “My name is Harpoon, but please, call me Seaweed. And you are?”
	“Kreken,” answered Kreken. 
	“Don’t tell me,” he said, “You are helping Torch, right?”
	“How did..?”
	“I’m part of Fatal’s information group,” said Seaweed, “It keeps me informed.”

	Nidico looked up at the sign and read, “Alcomi’s Materials.” Nidico went inside and saw the merchant. 
	The salesman, Alcomi, was almost four feet tall. His body and head were white while he had red and gold armor on his right side and blue and silver armor on his left. On his right shoulder there was a triangle symbol pointing up and a container of fire. On his left shoulder there was a triangle symbol pointing down and a container of water.
	Before he could enter Alcomi said, “No one under the age of sixty.” 
	“But I…”
	“I said…”
	“Alcomi!” said a hissing voice. They both turned to see Eeleactro slithering into the shop. 
	Eeleactro was one of few Mutant Dragons, which in the transformation, lost their back legs. He had silver spikes that ran all the way up his back. His underbelly was yellow while the rest of him was blue. He wore silver armor on his forearms, main body and shoulders, with a yellow thunder symbol on his left shoulder piece and a light on his right arm. He had a serpentine head with sharp silver hair and yellow eyes. His forked tongue was bright silver. At the tip of his seven foot tail was a lightning bolt.
	“How many timesss mussst I sssay thisss to you?” hissed Eeleactro.
	“Stop. You cut that out,” said a frowning Alcomi.
	Eeleactro cleared his throat and in a normal voice continued, “If the sign doesn’t say it, you don’t say it. Now help the poor lad.”
	“Okay, what do you need?” asked Alcomi.
	“I came to pick up Torch’s order,” answered Nidico.
	“Oh,” said a now excited merchant, “Why didn’t you say so?” Eeleactro rolled his eyes at this comment, as Alcomi went into the back.
	Alcomi came out with a large chest and said putting it down, “Someone owes me two-hundred.” Nidico then tossed the gems in a bag to him. Taking the money, Alcomi said on his way back, “It’s all yours; if you can carry it.”
	That was no joke; the chest weighed a ton to poor Nidico. Eeleactro came over and picked it up saying, “I’ll take care of it. Besides, I know where old Torch goes every time he’s here.” 
	Nidico then followed him out the door.

	Kreken and Seaweed had finished the errand with Seaweed holding the tools. But the instant they turned the next corner, Seaweed dropped the tools and held both hands in the air. Up ahead of them stood Veezou and someone else that Kreken did not know, both looking in their direction.
	“Put your hands down, Harpoon!” yelled Veezou. 
“Yeah, what Vez said!” was the response of the stranger. Seaweed then picked up the tools and walked over to them with Kreken.
	When Kreken got there, Veezou said, “Kreken, this is my friend, Blind Cane.” 
Kreken looked Cane up and down. He wore an old robe just like Veezou. His arms and face were blue. Cane had a wooden pipe in his mouth and wore an old brown hat. Like his name suggested, he was holding a cane in one hand. His two eyes were pitch-black. 
Seaweed whispered, “He can’t see anything.” 
“I heard that, youngster!” yelled Cane. 
“Calm down, Cane,” Veezou said.
“Oh, where is the other one?” asked Cane, who then turned and walked into the wall of a building. 
“Not over here.”
Hit a barrel.
“Not this way.”
He then grabbed an unwarned Alcomi. 
“Ah, would this be Nidico?” Cane said.
“No, it is Alcomi,” said the merchant. 
“Who do you think you’re trying to fool? Get!” said Cane, as he hit and sent a screaming Alcomi flying. 
“Come on Cane,” said Veezou as he grabbed him, “He went this way.”
The four of them went down the road.

“Get me another round, Bartender,” said Torch as Nidico walked in with Eeleactro behind him. 
“Don’t just stand there. Come on in, boy,” said the Mutant Dragon behind the bar table. As Nidico came closer the front door opened and someone went into the door in the back right, closing it behind him. 
A minute later, Blind Cane, Veezou, Seaweed and Kreken came in. “Hey, Cane. Feel like getting something today?” asked the Bartender. “Not today, Crabnos.” Cane replied.
Crabnos was six feet tall and had pinchers for hands. He looked like he was wearing a goofy pair of yellow glasses. He was the best in the village at servicing others at the bar. 
Blind cane whispered, “Psst! Eeleactro come here.” He was listening to what was being said in the back room.

“Quiet!” said someone, “Modoc wishes to speak.” As soon as this was said, Modoc, at six feet tall, drifted forward. 
 Modoc’s features were almost human. He had a black beard and hair that went over the top of his head like a helmet. He had five golden horns that had fire between each of them, resembling a torch. He wore a long white cape that he used his ability to float to avoid walking on it. He also wore a black belt with a golden buckle to keep the bottom half an old grey robe on him. The belt was also used to hold two objects for him. One was an hourglass filled with red sand; the other was a black key with the design of two snakes with a small flame between their heads. Two silver rings held together by two yellow poles each, surround by flames on the outside edge were floating behind him.
“Alright,” he began, “We have to find the home of Beo.”
Modoc then looked around at his colleagues, features hidden in the shadows of the room where the only light was coming from him. There was a table with a map of the island, in the center of the room. 
“I know all of you have been there before. So if you know where it is, spill it!” said Modoc, slamming his fist on the table.
Someone spoke up, “I don’t know the exact location. But I do know that he lives on the west side.”
“Well,” said a smiling Modoc, “That helps. Anyone else?”
One Mutant Dragon, Jim-Gem, stepped forward. His entire body was crystalline and he wore a white cape.
“Oh I have something to say, Modoc,” said Jim, “This idea of yours to build an army is worthless.” 
“What?!” said Modoc, rings spinning behind him in his anger. 
“If any of you want to be banished, or worse, killed, that’s your problem. As for me? I quit!” Jim then marched out the door and slammed it shut. 
Modoc turned and asked, “Anyone else care to leave?”
At this, a crash was heard outside. “Sorry!” yelled someone in the other room.
Somebody stood up and said, “I think Beo is right here!” He then jabbed a finger at the northwest jungle area.
“Well then, let us head there right now!” said Modoc, burning the map. 

“Oh no,” said Eeleactro. He then slid over to Kreken and Nidico. “Quickly,” he said, “Find Hurricane. Warn him that Modoc is searching for Beo’s home; today!” 
At this Kreken and Nidico ran outside and started to the northeast. Modoc seeing them run said, “Stop them.” At this command, two of his group went after them.

One of the two sent after Kreken and Nidico was the very competitive Fandon, who knocked his colleague down the hill so he could go faster. 
Fandon was green and silver, stood four feet tall and had two turbine fans on his back, which he used to glide around a foot above the ground. Kreken and Nidico were outrun and blocked off in less than a minute. 
“Sorry kids,” Fandon said, “End of the road.” 
Backing up, Kreken and Nidico stepped on a large purple gem. The surge of power returned to them, only this time it was more powerful than before. They heard an ancient voice call out, “Release your power!” 
When Fandon came closer, Kreken and Nidico’s eyes suddenly glowed pure white. “Oh no, please no!” cried out Fandon, shielding himself with his arms.
It all happened so fast. A sphere of electricity appeared around each of them, as they started to float and rocks began to come up from the ground. Both, Kreken and Nidico spread their wings which sent a wave of volts and stones that spread out to a radius of twenty feet. 
When the dust cleared, Fandon was lying on his back, paralyzed by the electricity and covered by rocks. His hand was raised in the air, fingers twitching. The area of the blast looked like the aftermath of an earthquake.
They turned at the sound of clapping. The one responsible was Frozox. 
Frozox was also four feet tall like Fandon, but he had wings spreading out to a wingspan of eleven feet, he was also white, blue and silver. He had a silver blade on each arm. He had a helmet that resembled a birds head. His eyes were a light red color.
 “Well done. You just used your first Dragon Fury Blast,” said Frozox, “Now grab on to me. Flying is quicker.” 
Kreken and Nidico did as he said. Frozox spread his wings to full length, jumped and gave a mighty flap, lifting him off the ground. He then took off toward the Typhoon Clan village.

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