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I know it might not be Lego related, but it’s something.
Meet the Cast of my Beast Chronicles Story!

I’ll post more later. Thoughts and Opinions please! Also, you can read the story so far Here.

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nice cartoony monster

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Which one? There’s 41.

… I meant all of them…


Concept Art: Wave 1

Oversized picture - click here to see.

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Here is a piece of of Concept Art for the prequel story of Beast Chronicles. In fact, it’s the only picture for the prequel story line, period. Why only one? I only drew one, strangely enough.

By the way, Book 1 would have happened after Book 2. But, I think I’ll use Book 2 as flashback material in Book 1 and make Book 3 the new Book 2.

3 books - 1 book = 2 books
Less work for me! YES!

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Beginning portion of what-would-have-been book 3, from a different perspective. (I wrote this for a school project.)

Beo was bored. Of course, he was used to being bored at his self-proclaimed home of Haunted Hills. It was always the same things happening almost every day, emphasis on day, even still, that was all there was to do that wasn’t doing nothing. He missed the old days, when he, Beo “Wolf” was the most feared warrior of his people. But now, he was just the “groundskeeper” of his current residence. But in Beo’s opinion, it was more of an annoyance than an average “boring chore” occupation. And at this time of night, it just got worse.

Beo heard rattling pipes and “braced himself” for his “doorman’s” arrival. After hearing a few clanks of something hard hitting metal and an evidently growing laugh of pleasure, Beo saw a grate in the floor open and “spit out” something.

“Speak Yorik,” said Beo, his ancient voice was as thunder in the mostly hollow chamber.

His guest was an intact skull with blue “puppy-eyes”. “I have brought you some news Beo,” said Yorik the talking skull.

“Proceed,” groaned Beo, knowing from past experience that Yorik talked A LOT.

So Yorik began to give his “quite longer than necessary” report, which included many details that hearing about began to make Beo fall asleep. But before sleep overcame him, “…and there is a little battle on the outside of the wall…”

“What?!” exclaimed Beo, now fully awake.

A few moments later Beo was tearing through the landscape, ghosts that inhabited the place appeared to be glowing orbs of light that passed by like shooting stars, behind him appeared to be a storm of black sand. This was not the first time that an event like this had happened.

As he ran and began to recall the previous time that this had happened, the scenery began to change. Black earth began to lighten to a soft brown, broken ruins began to change into jungle trees, and rubble along the ground became jungle undergrowth. They sky suddenly faded back and turned to twilight.

Beo then stopped, and concentrated, listening for the sounds of battle. From afar, he heard the clash of blades. The sound was so clear it was as if someone had sounded an alarm from a horn. After deciphering where it came from, he turned and charged full speed ahead.

He then noticed a cliff ahead. A few strides away from the cliff face he leaped. Down below, two figures were in the midst of a sword fight. Right as they began to charge towards each other, Beo landed feet first between them, the earth cracking beneath him. As he did this he pushed the two individuals back with a might shove, both of which collided with trees that snapped within their wake.

Beo then snapped his attention back to present day after hearing a very loud, “Incoming!”

Beo seeing a large boulder in his path leaped as he did long ago. However, he grabbed the ground with his hand and screeched to a halt. Beo then ran to the cliff side ahead to see the massive river below. He then looked up to see an airship alight in flames. Seeing the possible destruction ahead of its course, he decided a physical approach would not prevail.

Beo then called out, “Shadow Wave!” and tossed his arms to the side launching a large black flame towards the ship. The force was enough to slow the vessel down.

An armored figure threw a door open and tossed out what seemed to be a limp body onto the ship after it stopped. After looking in the direction of Beo, it waved. Seeing that his work was done, he turned and walked away.

I know it’s not a picture, but it is concept material.

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The following characters are from the portion of the story that takes place 2000 years in the future (original story took place in 1527 B.K. with flashbacks to 1577 B.K., future story takes place in 540 A.K.; So technically it’s 2067-2068 years later).
P.S. Can you figure out the inspiration for some of these characters?

                        /\ Same person \/

Not same species /

/\ Brothers /

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Last of Concept Art! For Beast Chronicles that is.

Whatever you do, don’t call The Seven Fangs Chaos Emeralds!

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I posted pictures to show the inspirations behind some of the characters. They are in the Discussion Topic

your stuff looks very interesting I must say

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I still have 2 more series of images to post in their own topics.