Beast (master) machine 64

After sitting on my shelf for a long time i finally decided to take him down and take pictures.
I tried to use every part of ultimate beast master but some of his peices are in use right now like the shield.

Hello little aaron

G3t r3kt

Hello beast master

For those of you interested in heads

No tf beast machines included


I love how Beast Master can fit inside the machine. My only problem is the lack of weapons.


Pretty cool, torso might be a bit long though.

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@BBricks lol thanks, any suggestions on weapons?

@Omega_Tahu maybe, i think proportions are alright.

Hmm, for Beast Master I’d suggest maybe two chains with a rock piece on the end.

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Yeah, the porportions aren’t too far off that they detract from the mech much, and it’s probably because I’m used to making really humanoid mechs… And actually it might be the legs.

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@BBricks i shall try that with pohatu’s flail first to see if that works.

@Omega_Tahu maybe instead of the bone with 2 holes ill try one.