Beast of Burden: JMP 4.0

It's the upgrade/ Revamp ya'll have been waiting for!

Yep, even with shaky cam work and a few discrepencies, this moc has been made much more cooler and more powerful

Also for those who forgot, I'll re-post the story and inspirations...


Once a powerful and near-omni-potent Being, JMP, along with Vent and his crew, were cast out of their world by Derkayes after he took it over. Over time, JMP lost his body and became a single crystal of power, and eventually the group found the Alternate Spherus Magna. Eventually finding an old Exo-Toa frame, JMP decided to take it over and used parts of other scrap(including dead toa and matoran) and became a 'toa' of Earth

Eventually facing countless battles against Teridax and his minions and brethren, Derkayes, various enemies and monsters, JMP upgraded and adapted over time. Eventually, he gained this upgrade, which allows him strength and some spead, but is still the slow and clunky old Exo-Toa body he still has...


Dark of the Moon Megatron
Fall of Cybertron Grimlock
Optimus Prime(various)
Megas XLRs
Mechs from various franchises
Few bots from the megaman series

Alright, there's been many good adjustments to the moc: got rid of the HF leg on the moc and installed a custom leg system, replaced the HF supports with pistons, removed the crud hands and added new Bits and bobs on it. Pretty much taller, clearner(ish) and more powerful.

Front and Side(Note: Forgot to photograph the back)

Now then time to show you guys his weapons...

Starting off with his SUPER MODE! AKA a form where his parts flip out and his chest turns into a 'Nuva Blast cannon'. Self explainatory

close-up of the chest

Next up, The Cannons

On the Left(or his right), we have the Atomiser, a concentrated beam gun that shoots out either a narrow beam of plasma, or with the help of it's main shaft, pulses of energy. It's powerful enough to create Cracks in Makuta armor

Next is the Pulsar cannon, able to direct terrrible bursts of electro-magnetic energy. It is also capable of shooting rocks via an unknown method

Critique and Comments Apprieciated


everything's improved, the chest cannon is cool.

the pulsar cannon's solid, but the atomiser is really gappy, and looks unfinished.

overall great improvements.

I'd say the legs are a bit too big and long. Mostly too long.


'Dem legs...

But still. Good job.

I think it's mostly the thighs that are too long,
the high heels don't help either.

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I couldn't think of any way to shorten the legs and not make them look like some small titan legs squashed onto a top-heavy torso. Also the legs are semi-stable and give the moc more bulk.

EDIT: I can't believe noone's noticed the crab face on the moc

The upper legs are the best improvement yet.

Also, no hands? They may have been odd, but they still completed him.

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You don't need hands when you have

but yeah, I agree, I didn't notice the lack of hands before, it looks odd on such a huge moc.

These MOCs always remind me of Iron Giant. Especially now that he has all those concealed weapons that pop out for "u ded now son" mode.



Shortened the Legs, removed the Heel, and re-added the hands

Also I think I'll send Mister Crab legs after you guys for not noticing him...

Also if you need a comparison, here's the Original version


now for a better hand design, not that those are bad, the claws just look awkward, maybe something with bohrok teeth.

also, those thighs look a bit skeletal, maybe use nuva chests somehow, or the armor piece from kalmah(in silver) to bulk them up?

I have already re-added the previous thighs and installed a new hip design(bye bye crab face frowning)

Also for the hands: I do have stuff to make a modified Hydraxon hand or just HF/Glatorian fists, or maybe even system hands, but where would the fun in that be?

Yeah, I think the thighs could be wider... stuck_out_tongue
But other than that, looks awesome! I really love the "SUPER MODE"

Very nice improvements! The upper arms look a bit messy though.

Also, I recommend you use a bit more trans lime-green if you want to showcase the "Nuva Blast Cannon". That lone pseudo-heartlight looks kinda pitiful. stuck_out_tongue

Hey guys, upgraded the hip assembly again


Looks much better! I still think those pistons on the shoulders stick out a bit too much though...

I happen to have noticed similarities between your "Nuva Blast Cannon"

and Gamera's Mana Blast

Was this intentional?
If so: lovely reference, if not: interesting coincidence.


I haven't even heard about that! I was just trying to imitate when Optimus Prime lets lose the Matrix of Leadership!

What a crazy coincidence

I guess you're born for seeing similarities between mocs and anything related to gamera...


If Ironhide was a Bionicle.