Bed'N Monsters

This is my entry for the 2019 Bio-Cup. Comments and criticism are always welcome.

The bed. Some might tell you its existence is a duality, but oxymoron is more apt. It is a sanctuary, a fortress of comfort and protection, a place of rest and familiarity. Yet it is also a prison were nightmares are born, were rest cannot be found, and a harbinger of monsters. Both a trustful peace and treacherous disguise for vile creatures; a surface of good and an underside of iniquity.

The scratching and clawing of some hungry beast. The slimy wriggling of worms and bites of insects. Phantoms of disease reaching out to rack the restless once more. Long tendril knives reaching out to operate. It is haunted by as many things as it is loved and blessed. The real question is, which monsters are awaiting for you?


Looks cozy! And by cozy I mean absolutely terrifying, well done!


Looks good!

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I wonder if they give good massages.

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Well that looks terrifying…-ly comfortable!

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Whoa. Poor children.

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Great, yeah, but I could have sworn digital MOCs aren’t allowed


Thank you!


Depends on how high your pursaution level is. :stuck_out_tongue:

Compared to a System bed…eh, the comfort level is probably the same. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pfft. You’re funny, thinking it only does this to children.

As I unfortunately found out the hard way, that is the case. It was not abundantly clear that they were not allowed. Now I have to hurry up and build something else.

This model here uses parts in existing colors, but it has an estimated minimum cost of $265. So onto plan B.


This is nice! A nice and creative concept. Great work.

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