Beefed up Rahkshi

The official Rahkshi for the Era of the Koros alt

Just a note: I have already fixed the feet, just haven’t updated the photos.




Random Gold and Red are random?

I agree. Unfortately i dont have any other colors for those pieces.

it seems a little… random.

Would not other armor styles, or even just classic style hands work for those?

I though it looked too scrawny, but perhaps it’s worth the consistant color scheme

Oh! Also! The Nuva chests look weird on the legs like that. Maybe more traditional Inika or Metru Armor there.

Also, aybe switch up the leg jointing. Maybe in an orientation similar to this

Just with how the angles are, not specific parts.

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hmm ill experiment with that, thanks!

Simple but cool. ^^

Cool. Just the hands… I really like the legs, though.

As they are now the matoran feet on the knees look out of place. Though in total I think the rest looks good as is. It looks rebuilt out of scrap rahkshi parts.