Belial, Cheif of Demons, v2

Welp, i decided to give this boi a overhaul, he wasnt very posable (not that i can pose things for my life), and the colors needed some fixing too. He was also quite small, so, here he is, belial v2

regular shot

oh yeah, some of these cut off on the top. dont know why tho :confused:

Back shot dem legs tho

With his hammer that he can barely hold…seriously that thing is as long as my forearm

oh yeah, the shoulder add ons do use rubber bands, but they are quite stable

and a size comparison with a water bottle. pretty big boi

as always. c and c is appreciated, thanks for lookin at this, bye


Very neato indeedo

Thank you

This looks great
The colors really work well

Thank you, i appreciate it

Very nice!

Thank you my good sir!

He’s got a pretty neat design.

This build is amazing! Very well covered and shaped. I also like the colors.

Pretty cool! I think the legs might be a little short. Might just be me tho. Still, pretty sweet MOC!

Definitely better improvement here.

Thank you, i am really proud of his design, fun fact, it uses the x-t1 torso in it XD

@Cocoa Thanks, and yeah, also hes more posable than his last form which i also like

@DarkHunterTalon Thanks, and yeah, the legs are a bit short. Im probably gonna add friction adders in the ankles to help that

@Zero Thank you, i feel the same XD

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