Bellator and Parati

Legends tell of a group of Masters and Protectors who rose to meet the call of battle and won many times. These heroes are renowned as champions and are bestowed the power of gold, a badge of their skill and prowess. These warriors are known as the Masters and Protectors of Champions!

Cue "Anvil of Crom" because EPICNESS!

Bellator, Master of Champions:

Well? What is it?

Bellator started out as a Master of Steam that loved to fight. She would often be found sparring with other masters and would train herself everyday. Honestly, she was content at this point in her life. Things never got boring, she won every encounter, and her teammates loved her for who she was. But eventually she was offered to become a Master of Champions. This is something she pondered for a long time. She didn't want to become a Master of Champions as she felt it would change her life too much.

But one day her teammates were in trouble as their enemies at the time had sneak attacked them. They were overpowered and needed help. Bellator realized it was now or never. Swallowing her pride, she accepted the power of Gold and became a Master of Champions. She saved her teammates and the rest is history.

Parati, Protector of Champions


Unlike Bellator, Parati wanted to become Champion. Her village was often attacked by bandits and the Masters usually couldn't get in there time. Parati sought out another method of gaining the power of gold. She took part in the seven trials of Gold. Through perseverance, skill, and nearly dying multiple times; Parati passed the trials and became a Protector of Champions. With her new found power, she drove away all bandits. None of them wanted to fight someone imbued with the power of gold.

After learning her village could receive protection from the Champions, she decided to visit the hall of gold to meet other champions. One thing led to another and Parati ended up being partnered with Bellator of all people. Parati knew Bellator had potential and was mad she did not make full use of her power. Parati offered to mentor Bellator and Bellator hesitantly accepted. But from that point on, these two were inseparable.

So here are some things you should know about the power of gold and the Champions

  • The Power of Gold is similar to the power of light and it imbues you with great strength, but you must have faith in yourself. If you do not, your power will wain.

  • Champions are known to resemble other Masters and Protectors. It's considered a great honor to resemble a champion. And the Champions, for the most part, see it as a honor to resemble someone who is not a champion.

  • Some Champions will partner up with non champion teams. This is also considered a great honor. Bellator, for instance, is apart of Terrus' team.

  • The masks that the masters wear only resemble their normal counterparts. Bellator's mask of water became a mask of gold.

  • Champions have a code of Honor they must follow. Violation of the code will result in a loss of their power of Gold. However, some exceptions are made from time to time.

I have to say, Bellator is one of my favorite MOCs. I love the way she turned out. Also, Terrus is a MOC of mine:

By the way, Bellator is Latin for "warrior" and Parati is Latin for "Ready." And no, I did not just use Google Translate. I'm 100% sure on Bellator and 90% sure on Parati. Feel free to offer any corrections or advice if you know Latin.

As per usual, tell me what you think.


Well, First off: Nice Souls reference :wink:

I like the red/blue/gold color scheme on Bellator, it feels sort of like superman. And the mix of red and blue obviously imply mixing of Fire and Water to create Steam, which as you said was her element. I also love the build of her Greataxe, is it original? No, but it looks good in Bellator's hands.

Not much to say on Parati, but I like the lore you've built.

Vereor Nox.

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I don't think any of the current sets have done that so far. If other MOCists have done this axe build before, I have no idea. Originally it was going to resemble Gail's trident, but I ended up going with what you see in the pictures.

Simple yet effective MOC's. I'm not sure about the colorscheme, I think it looks better on Parati.

These are pretty cool!

I like the villager, very Takua-esq. Although the Toa one looks like pretty much Tahu with Gali's mask and some swapped armor. The color scheme doesn't work for it either. But good work, either way. Maybe develop the villager a bit more!

I got to admit Bellator and Parati look great.
Bellator especially.