Beluga 57 starfighter

This is based on a micro ship I made about a year-and-a-half or so ago.



Also a display stand for the Lego Batman movie collectable minifigure series, just because. Only 7 more to go!

So that is it for this small little thing. What do you think?


I love the starfighter, for both its shape and colors. The big clear cockpit gives a lot of character to this craft. The rest is nice too.

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A very nice design, I love the choice of green.

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This is a really neat little thing. The use of the X-Wing cockpit with the car windshield is very creative and helps to set the MOC apart from other starfighters.

I also like how you did the back engine section, with the Nexo Knights pieces and the engine piece.

Overall, the MOC has a very cool profile to it. The colors and build/parts usage all come together to make this a very unique and very cool starfighter.

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This is a cool little ship. The colourscheme is nice.

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