Ben 10 Topic - Which do you prefer, the Original trilogy or the Reboot

I am a real big Cartoon Network fan and I gotta say I really like the Ben 10 series. First off was Benjamin Tennyson trying to become a hero after he acquired some Omnitrix from space. 5 years later he came out of retirement to search for his Grandpa and the story got interesting as he had a lot of development as well as how relatable in Alien Force-Ultimate Alien all the way to Omniverse. Then there is the reboot which shows how goofy the character Ben 10 is as a 10 year old when it is revealed in the movie that he is not the Main Timeline ben but an alternate Ben. Honestly, I am a fan of the Original trilogy through the Omniverse more than the reboot but this is my opinion. So which do you prefer? OS-OV version or the Reboot?

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After watching the entire original era, I never watched the reboot. I tried, but I couldn’t take it. Honestly, I wish if they wanted to borrow a page from the Teen Titans Go playbook - changing a show with a prominent action focus to be more comedic, with a cartoonier art style and shorter episodes - they would have just gone all the way and committed to it. Teen Titans Go can be annoying but sometimes it’s legitimately funny and I can appreciate its irreverence. The Ben 10 reboot just doesn’t work as an action show or a comedy.


That is true.