Benji the Dirt Surfer

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About the MOC
Benji is a MOC I sort of preconceptualized after making the Tipper ATV. I also had the idea to use the Miru Nuva with the bugged out eyes thanks to Bucka Chew on Flickr, though I connected the eyes a little differently. I didn’t want to use the Noble Kanohi Rau like Bucka did, so I found another mask that would achieve the same goal, in this case the Miru Nuva. I knew I wanted a whacky dude for this trippy ATV and this played right into using Bucka’s Custom Googly eye technique. Everything else about Benji came from experimentation. I added onto his design with the Minifig stetcher holder mouth. Yay for flexible rubber parts :dance:

The idea behind Benji is that he’s a guy wearing a Batman T-■■■■■, Khaki cargo shorts, and shoes while his “skin color” is Green and Dark-Grey. I would have liked it to be more Green and less Dark-Grey but my selection of green is deplorable, especially since two other MOCs use it. I’ll have to fix that when I acquire more green elements to work with. Other than the lack of green and the simple arm construction, I’m happy with him. I love that I found a use for the Batman printed chest piece.

Benji is pretty much the most bonkers, off the wall, impulsive, spastic, dare devil you’ll ever meet. Hes got more guts to try a ludicrous stunt or just go spend the day driving around on his brightly colored, highly unstable, souped up ATV, which is his favorite activity to do. Benji got the name “The Dirt Surfer” from the way he drives the aforementioned ATV. Because it well “tips” over so much. He’s often seen skidding along the dirt or running along next to it while driving ball-joints to the wall on it in the hilly plains where he lives. He’ll also stand up on the ATV and “surf” it as well. He’s super friendly and never gets mad or hurts people or animals, but when his ATV isn’t working he gets furious and starts swearing and throwing wrenches or anything else near by in his garage. Benji is very excitable and impuslive. He never ever ever thinks about things twice before doing something. This gets him into a good bit of trouble when his more devious friends dare him to do something. He always tries it unless someone else is liable to get hurt or their property damaged.

When not on his ATV, or some other vehicle that goes fast, Benji can’t sit still. He’s always running around or fidgeting with something. About the only thing he can sit still and focus on for any length of time is video games, but only when they’re brightly colored, loud, or action packed. Anything else just doesn’t hold his microscopically short attention span. When he’s not doing either of those things he’s off doing some odd job for his neighbors to earn a little scratch or a favor to get by. Being so active, Benji is very athletic and quite handy with tools, so he can always find a way to scrounge up a living.

Again, this is just a reposting from DA and flickr, but I wanted to post it here for you guys as well. Hope you enjoy. Comments, likes, faves, and so on are encouraged, and much appreciated. Thank you. :smiley:


Ah man, I think the “mouth” really completes the look of him.

I like how well you separated the colors of his “clothes” from his “skin” and the eyes, of course, but those were obvious to point out.

if anything though, I do agree with you on the grey to green ratio, I feel the lower arms are the worst offenders, but they still look great regardless. Fantastic work, man. ^^

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Wow, I’m never going to lose respect for you as a MOCer. Love it all!


that mouth is amazing, that mouth, that face…I just cant get my eyes off the face…its so derpy
in a amazing sort of way, the most colourful, strange, nutjob of a guy I have ever seen, I r8 8/8…well maybe just for the sake of having a proper rating here: 9.5/10,
I imagine next seeing a pink monster truck with wings
or a flying transformer mech version of that ATV to go along with benji
I seriously cant stop looking at that face


He’s pretty scary, but a creative moc at that. ~Pyrox

I am actually terrified of this guy. Good job though!

@Pyrox @pikminjake Yeah i saw that to when working on him. He’s kinda got a “five Nights at Freddy’s” vibe going on. Thanks you guys. :smiley:

Any time. ~Pyrox

Great job on the head! Never would have thought that Miru Nuva could be used like that!

@Nyran Thanks.

You don’t really see that much in Bionicle MOCing surprisingly. Its not all that hard to do, just gotta thing about what people wear, how its shaped and what colors go where, then put them there. It also allowed for a lot of color to go on him to. I encourage more MOCers to “Clothe” their MOCs now.

Totally. I’m not happy with the arms at all, and the legs are decent. I can forgive them for the most part, but I need to revisit this MOC when I’ve got more of the right parts. Looking at it again, his back could use some wedge plates I think. Its just a little too gappy. Again, thank you for the compliments and the feedback. Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

@BioRaiders532 Thanks. :smiley:

@potay8o Its totally derpy. That was 100% the intention. Make him look like the most bonkers derpy ADHD spazoid possible. I also experimented with using the mixels eyes and it makes him look less creepy, but it also took something away, so I went back to these eyes. Plus I wanted to use this technique. Bucka got me on the right track with those eyes, but I think its the mouth that really ties it all together. Not to mention it was a spur of the moment spark of inspiration to use this obscure little rubber piece that just fit in the right places. It all just came together so easily. Sometimes it seems like the parts want to be used and come together to make the MOC. Other times it seems like they’re fighting me tooth and nail. :stuck_out_tongue: Gawsh, thanks. :blush: I think that’s too nice. a 9.5/10 is like top level stuff, This in my opinion and experience is nowhere near that. This is a 4.5 Just shy of being decent. It has some flaws that need addressing but except for a few things I’m happy with it. a 9.5 is like “scoop your brain back into your skull, pick your jaw up off the floor, and pop your eyeballs back into your head” kind of MOC. Something so mindblowingly awesome your head figuratively explodes. This definitely is not that. But I thank you for the compliment nonetheless. :slight_smile:

Now I have to go build that. I don’t have much pink though. WHat I do have is all in Dr. A’s head. So Medium purple will have to do. * grumbles. *

@CollectorThanks. This isn’t the only mask that can be used like that. If its got a hole in it, you can stick something through it, string, pneumatic tubing, flex tubing, bar pieces, it all depends on the individual mask and the shape and size of the openings. Just gotta think outside the box and beyond your standard connection points.

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maybe I rated it like that because I cant stop looking at the face
I really cant…

Oh okay…so then I probably shouldn’t post this close up WIP teaser pic I took huh?

He was going to have a helmet initially, until I A realized it made him look more like a Special Ed student, and B, someone on Facebook commented saying he looked like Piccolo from DBZ. :stuck_out_tongue:

wow…his face looks even more amazing close
this head is so hilarious
I imagine a commercial for the face:
doo do dooo doo!
this face could be the face you could have
if you scrub dirt on it and fall on your head a couple times
try this at home its completely safe
dooo dooo doo do!

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I’ve been thinking of setting this as my avatar. I use Matteo everywhere. Cept right now I’m using Dr. A on Flickr. But this might be pretty good to use. Its making everyone laugh. Wonder if that would work as an avatar.


I think it would look great.

just yes

Hey look at that you guys. @potay8o New avatar. :stuck_out_tongue:


lol it looks as great as I imagined as a avatar

i love the way the back looks like well… a back!

You think so? I think it needs some work and that the shaping is a bit of, but okay. Thanks. :smiley: