Berix's Figure Of Speech

One of the most infamous lines in The Legend Reborn is when Berix and Kiina are arguing (again), and Berix goes “How things change when the metal claw is on the other foot!” In the Bionicle fandom, this line probably rivals “I don’t like sand!” or “Somehow Palpatine returned!” in terms of how reviled it is. But…I don’t really get it. The line comes in a context of Berix and Kiina yelling about how they think they have worse lives than the other. Here’s a transcript of the exchange, going off the novelization:

Kiina: It was my cavern! You should’ve stayed out of it!
Berix: Oh, really? YOUR cavern? You stole it! You’re a thief, just like me!
Kiina: That-no! And I thought you said you were a collector, you little weasel!
Berix: Ah-ha, now she remembers! How things change, when the metal claw is on the other foot.
Kiina: That doesn’t even make sense. Look, that cavern was my secret place…my private sanctuary from all the ugliness outside…can you understand that?

The meaning of this scene is Berix and Kiina coming to see each other’s different perspectives, and as such forming a better understanding of one another. And Berix’ line about things changing when the metal claw is on the other foot…there are very similar idioms in real life, such as “put yourself in their shoes,” or “grass is greener on the other side.” By saying the metal claw is on the other foot, Berix likely meant that when you look at things from a different point of view, your perspective and thoughts might change. This lines up with the meaning of that scene. Again, this is the turning point in Berix and Kiina’s relationship: they form a mutual understanding.

So why is that line such a big deal?


I’m gonna be real honest, I had never heard anyone complain about that line ever.

Where have you heard it be so reviled?


In YouTube videos that pick apart TLR and lambast its poorly written characters and dialogue.

Though, to be fair, TLR is a pretty big punching bag for the fandom in general.


Then perhaps it isn’t so much that particular line which is so ridiculed, but the entire film, in all its shortcomings.

I would say most of the community considers certain major lines from MoL more akin to the “I don’t like sand” line in terms of camp and memeability.


Honestly, I’ve always loved this phrase. I unironically use it in everyday life once in a while lol


I think the only reason someone could dislike that line is that “metal claw on the other foot” sounds somewhat odd out of context. But in context it makes sense, so I don’t really think it’s a bad figure of speech.


Personally I interpret it to mean “people change their story once they’re called out.” Assuming that a metal claw is something undesirable, Berix would be placing a metal claw on her foot by being in her cave. Once Berix accuses her of stealing, she’s caught off guard with the metal claw now on her other foot, and she changes her tune.

I don’t know. The meaning isn’t obvious to me, and judging by Kiina’s response, it isn’t a common expression on Bara Magna


It’s a turn of the phrase “the shoe is on the other foot”, meaning that the situation is reversed. Like many real world phrases, it was “Bionicle-ized”, because they don’t have shoes in Bionicle (aside from Mr. Mesonak’s mask shoes joke). It’s like the phrase “hold your Rahi”, “squabble like Gukko birds”, “Kolhii-head”.

The problem is, unlike other Bionicle-ized idioms, this one doesn’t make sense. Certain creatures of Bara Magna might have metal claws on their feet, but these would be part of their anatomy, like the claws of real world creatures; it’s not something you would take off and wear on your own feet.

This is the crux of the issue: it’s a meta joke that makes no sense in the actual story. TLR is poking fun at all the Bionicle-ized phrases from Mask of Light, by having Berix use one and Kiina aptly point out it doesn’t make sense. But if it doesn’t make sense, why does Berix say it? It’s a joke that we, the audience, are meant to say “oh I get it, ha ha”, but Berix would have no reason to come up with this. And if it is a real idiom on Bara Magna that we just don’t know where it evolved from, why does kiina say it doesn’t make sense? Because we, the audience, are supposed to see that as the punchline.

That’s the problem with the exchange. It’s directed at the audience, rather than being something these two characters would say. It’s not a cringey line like “somehow, Palpatine returned”; on the surface, it’s actually funny if you’re a Bionicle fan. It’s only once you think about it in context that you realize it doesn’t work.


I always thought TLR’s most infamous line was Kiina’s “WOOOOHOOO!”

Which never bothered me personally but there’s something about the film’s voice direction that makes lines sound worse. TLR has talented actors but here it’s like they know it’s a kids movie and were instructed to pull their punches. Scenes are less serious because half the lines are read with the same tone as characters turning to the camera saying “well THAT just happened!”