Best and Worst Bionicle Books

What were your favorite and least favorite Bionicle book? I have been collecting them all, and would like to know what books to look forward to, and ones to avoid.

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I don't have a least favorite, but currently my favorite is Swamp of Secrets!

Tbh, I wouldn't say to avoid any of them. Some are better than others, but I don't think any were bad.

A few favorites would be: Time Trap, Dark Destiny, Legacy of Evil, Maze of Shadows, Downfall, and The Final Battle. I'd say the least interesting ones are probably Mystery of Metru Nui (which has its moments, but is kind of repetitive) and Web of the Visorak, which, as I recall, is stretched a bit thin, though it's important for setting up the 2005 story and introduces the omnicidal Vahki, which was an idea I really liked.



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Favs: Time trap, legacy of evil, inferno, downfall

least favs: most of the metru nui books

I-I-I haven't read all of them.... frowning


Favorite: Downfall and power play.
Least favorite: Tale of the toa.

One of my favorites is Time Trap. I know it's cliche, but I feel like it's one of the best books Greg wrote. I think what allowed him to write so good of a book is that he was allowed to do whatever he wanted with this part of the story, as long as it included 2005 characters and retrieving the Vahi.

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I... really liked all of them. For me, the individual books all sorta just blended together into one story (which is a credit to Greg's writing).


Time rap is my favorite, of course, but another one I quite liked was Challenge Of The Hordika.

Now all i can think of is vakama as a stereotypical rapper.


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The first books annoyed me because they sometimes contradicted the established plot points.

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The first books annoyed me because they were nothing but plot points.


I like informational books like Makuta's Guide to the Universe.


That was always a book that I wanted, but could never get.

Check your local library, mine had it. Or maybe you could try and find it on ebay. It's possible you might find a good deal on it.

Since it's a series, there aren't really books you can avoid. They build off each other.

Favorites would be Time Trap and most of 2006. Least favorites are the first 3 in the Chronicles series.

Just got it online! Thanks @Toa_Ignicus for the suggestion!

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Best BIONICLE books? I really don't consider any of the novels to be riveting page-turners (I even had to force myself to finish some) but I do think I enjoyed the 2004 Metru Nui-centered ones and the 2006 ones the most (especially those touching on the Piraka/Dark Hunters, those were really neat). I also really enjoyed Shadows in the Sky (though that's probably because I love the Phantoka to an absurd degree).

However, my all-time favourite piece of official BIONICLE literature has to be the 2007 encyclopedia I "borrowed" from a buddy. I read it before I read through all the novels (though "novellas" would probably be a more accurate term stuck_out_tongue ) and the world-building it offered was utterly fantastic!

As far as worst books, there's a lot of them I didn't enjoy. The books based on the 01-03 stories were downright snooze fests IMO. All of the movie novelizations were also pretty boring. I really didn't enjoy the 07 books either. They started out okay when they focused on the Mahri Matoran, but I hated the Barraki and the way they were portrayed.