Best Bionicle Internet Series?

Before you say Reviving Bionicle, I know its the best. I mean second best.

I’ve been looking around YouTube and different places to find a Bionicle stop motion web series, but to no avail. So, I was wondering if I missed something, and I would like to know if there is one, and if it is any good. So, answer the question in the title, dangit! :smile:


Reviving Bionicle is the best, that’s a fact of Biotube

Besides RB, I think maybe Hearts of Vengeance/Fight For Endworld might be the best.
Although that’s my opinion.


The Jaller Series remains a favorite of mine for its rewatchability and strange yet hilarious writing.


Gako and Rio is one of my favorites most likely because of video game references in it

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I also like Ibonicle’s stuff.

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I’ve always liked “The Misadventures of Onipex and Pals”

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BIonicle wars

Jaller. No contest.


Onipex and pals is one of my favourites

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I believe that it should be said that Tohunga Burger needs a spin off series of its own :stuck_out_tongue:.

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Well it isn’t a series, and it hasn’t actually come out yet, but Bionicle Revolution looks absolutely amazing. Its supposed to come out some time this month.

Though the Jaller series also comes to mind. I’ve even based some of my mocs off of there concepts. I wonder if there’s a topic for it.

The Bionicle Fighters…

I like Lumaken’s Toa vs Toa vs Toa vs Toa series.
BionicleNP’s movie “Bionicle Ignition: Island of Doom”
CallonLOF’s series.
Ids5621 stuff is also good.

I second this.[quote=“Stoax, post:3, topic:34003, full:true”]
The Jaller Series remains a favorite of mine for its rewatchability and strange yet hilarious writing.

I fourth this.

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Reviving Bionicle is definitely on top, with Jaller in second. I quite enjoyed the more serious oriented series such as SALVATION and Reign of Terror, but those are never going to have any real conclusions at the rate they’re coming out. I feel like comedy tends to work better because it’s easier to make and be consistent with uploads.

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All I can say is… Hail denmark.

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I loved Reviving Bionicle…but I typically prefer more serious oriented series. And on that note;

Heroes of Ora Nui was literally the first Biotube series I saw. I loved it, up until I found out it had been cancelled, and was subsequently really, really sad. It still holds a special place in my heart because of its origin, even if it may not be the best series.

Apart from that, the Hydros Chronicles and Society of Guardians were really good IMO, until they…were also cancelled when the uploader went offline.


I also liked what I saw of Bionicle Destiny from Shade 2800, but have only watched the first episode so far.

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Heroes of Ora Nui was what really got me into Biotube and all the rest!.. Really sad to see it go…

Bionicle revolution.

It wasn’t released, and the script that got released was torn to bloody shreds.

Granted, I think it would have been fun to see, at least to riff, so i am a bit sad it was not released.

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