Best John Hughes movie?

So John Hughes has directed tons of movies and there are so many of his movies that are just amazing. His most popular I’d say are home alone, breakfast club, and Ferris buellers day off. I personally LOVE Ferris Buellers day off and Trains, Planes, and automobiles, And home alone. Oh and I really like the vacation movies.

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Breakfast Club, Uncle Buck, Ferris, and Plans n Trains are some of my favorites.

Still need to watch that. :smile:

Since it’s the only one I watched…

@CunningCondor Yes, all great movies.

@Hutere_the_Toa_of_Air Lol that is a great movie though probably one of his best.

@DG_Eddie I think it’s on Netflix.


This is the spookiest coincidence, cause I’ve watched/am currently watching 2 movies by Hughes in a row in my film class.


Home alone, since that’s the only one of his movies I’ve actually watched.

@Looch Haha so weird!

@Ninjanicktf Those are great movies, and by movies I mean one and two.