Best MOCs I have made this year (July 2015-December 2015)

seeing as I am totally unoriginal original

I shall be listing my best MOCs of 2k15 totes not a ripoff

Starting off with the best MOC I have made all year, my pride n joy of 2015

Glacium, a Dragon (posted October):
Another personal favourite of mine posted fairly recently

Xayes (posted late november):
Next up is one of my “Older” (I use this very lightly, it isnt that old)

Dantheus (posted April, Mask changed in May):
of course, there is my old, old self moc, which I rebuilt on 1 year anniversary for having no life being a MOCist

Ignis (posted in July):
There is this one guy I hate a lot I LOVE A LOT
he smells bad

@OculusNuva (Posted September):
there was this one point in time I decided to build omega good guy

Great guy/good guy omega (posted July):
my spoopy halloween moc
made for halloween

Lurker (posted October 2015):

Finally from my newer stuff, A matoran I made for a contest

Unnamed Blue Matoran (posted September):

Note: All photos link to Flickr, so if you cant see them, just click on the image, hopefully it will open them in a flickr page
if not
I messed up so thats not good

I could have sworn
there is one more thing I am missing

Its probably nothing…


u smell bad and ur mocs are bad.


curses ive been roasted

I better think of an intelligent but not overly flashy comeback, in which I equally rek him but also rek him twice as hard

clears throat

No u


I remember some of these! I like Xayes quite a bit! :smiley:

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A lot of them are fairly recent :stuck_out_tongue:
But yeah, thanks!

I could post some of my pre july (aka pre getting gud) MOCs
that is if I feel like it


[quote=“ghost8o, post:3, topic:16306”]
No u


Welp, since I’ve thrown this way off topic, allow me to make a serious post.

I won’t be going over all of the MOCs, only the ones I feel like I have a comment for.

It’s really cool to see how you have progressed since you first joined the boards; and I must say, you have improved tremendously since then.

Glacium is a very impressive MOC, it really shows how far you can go with your MOCing skills.

I really liked seeing your take on OculusNuva. Not just because it’s my Self-MOC, but it shows your MOCing style very well when you compare it with the original design.

Dantheus, I really don’t have anything to say except that I liked his look better when he had the Rode. That’s just a personal preference thing, otherwise he’s perfect.

Oh, and Great Guy is Best Guy.

You have a very distinct and interesting style to your MOCs and I look forward to what the future has in store, keep up the gr8 work T8 my m8.

Thank you bb <3
well appreciated words

probably something green

Yep, they certainly all look really good!

Great job! Can’t wait to see next year!

I’ve expressed this before

I love Glacium

Great guy is hilarious, and all the others I don’t really have much to say about them, they’re just really good

Well, its better than anything I have. Sooo… Good job!

Neat MOCs! Glacium and OculusNuva are especially cool!

An official Hello from me I guess? I’ll look at your Mocs and if you want and I can give some critique.

:stuck_out_tongue: you know Zach so you shouldn’t be scared for my critique at all heueh

Critique doesn’t scare me C:

That right there sounds like a person from the Bor
:stuck_out_tongue: do you perhaps have hangouts? Easier for me to manage than the site, it lags for me currently

yes I do, I am Pot8o The Great, I just don’t use hangouts as much as skype