Best Of LEGO Bootlegs

The dentist I went to when I was young gave out random stuff. I think at one point they gave out the Amalgam comic Super Soldier, a comic whose existence itself is somewhat baffling but is made even stranger by being given out at a dentist.

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Found these at Staples… :stuck_out_tongue:

Are the images upright for anyone? They are upright on my iPad, but look upside down on the Boards.

Also, I saw the BBBIONIOLE box up there and thought of BCC’s “The BBB.” :stuck_out_tongue:


They’re upside down for me.


Not gonna lie, I’m really digging Surge’s bow build.

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Dang I’d love some quality bootlego Bionicle. Is there any on eBay or amazon? I don’t wanna use AliExpress…

My first Lego set ever was a bootleg which was 80% identical to this one.

Why don’t you want to use AliExpress? It’s no amazon. But it’s a fine outlet. There are 2 annoying things about it though:

  1. Long wait times. It says 12-20 days on the order page, but it’s actually 5-6 weeks to the US.

  2. Wrong item in the package - this has happened to me about 1/3 times I’ve ordered from there. But you know what? They always let you keep the wrong item and then ship you the right one for free. So you end up getting 2 items for the price of one. Aside from the double wait time, it’s hard to complain about this kind of error.

Pro-tip: don’t pay with PayPal. Use a credit card. Because if something does go wrong and you need a refund, PayPal makes you go through their dispute process. Which is really annoying and takes 2 weeks. But if you pay with a credit card, the refund is immediate.

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  1. Wait time
  2. It’s in China. I personally don’t trust Chinese sellers (no offense to anyone here, I’m sure not all Chinese sellers are shady and stuff)
  3. Shipping from China is typically pricey

What’s wrong with Chinese sellers? What don’t you “trust”? You have full purchase protection, so if something is wrong with your order you can get a refund. Shipping is included in the price.

If you tried to buy these on Amazon or eBay - every once in a while they show up - you would pay $50. The seller would market them as “ULTRA RARE Importzzzz” or something stupid and mark up the price.

At least on AE you’re getting them at the actual cost.

I just generally don’t trust Chinese sellers. I don’t have anything against Chinese people, but I don’t trust Chinese sellers. I also don’t know if I’ll care for whatever I’m buying in a month. There’s no guarantee.

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So what are you afraid they’ll do? Like, what’s the worst case scenario that you are mistrustful of?

Misuse the credit card number, product be cheap quality, etc.

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That’s a possibility of any online retailer

Research before you buy


Well the quality is going to be less than Lego. That’s inherent in the product itself. That’s why a 200 piece set only costs 10 bucks, inc. shipping. The question is, is the quality still at least good enough to justify a $10 purchase? And the answer is overwhelmingly, yes.

I’m curious why you’d buy the same exact products from Amazon or eBay though? How would this alleviate your concerns over quality if they’re made in the exact same factory?

Also if they stole you credit card, you’re fully protected by both Visa and your bank. You are liable for exactly zero dollars. Getting a fraudulent charge reversed takes less than a minute. But I’ve ordered from AE close to 50 times at this point and I’ve never had this happen.


Same. Other then the obvious long wait I’ve never had a problem with the figures I’ve ordered or with my card. I mean sure on a few of the ko lego power rangers I’ve gotten the hands broke off trying to move them but if you’re ordering off knockoff companies that’s to be expected.

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Ok so now my only concern is whether I’ll like Bionicle when it arrives

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Do your tastes often change completely in a few weeks to a month? Seems kinda trivial to me. I mean unless you don’t like Bionicle to begin with I don’t see a problem

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Yeah my interests change consistently. Don’t even get me started on music…


Star Wart. :sweat_smile: