Best songs to play on piano

I am currently takeing piano lessons, and here is what I would _really _ want to learn to play:

Forget about that classic piano songs. These are must-play songs!
So, let’s talk!

Not so accurate at the begining,but there is creeping in my soul, it’s kinda cool, i would really like to learn it

and there is also this, more accurate, but not tutorial

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I was introduced to this song a couple years ago. There is actually sheet music for this song.


Try All-Star my Smash Mouth.
And Iron Man by Black Sabbath.

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Piano isn’t my main instrument anymore, but I know how to play (most of) Dire Dire Docks and Ganondorf’s Theme.

though I am not a pianist, some of my favorite songs which contained piano (or I enjoy hearing on a piano) are South Side of the Sky’s piano section by Yes

and Murky by Cryoshell

There is Even a piano version of Gravity Hurts, apparently

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The theme from Fallout 4 is beautiful.

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