Beta, Toa of energy self MOC


Looks cool, but it would be nice if some of the trans-blue was visible from the front, or if there was some on the limbs.

The back looks really unfinished/ exposed.

I think he could benefit from some more blue as well.

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A little overly simplistic in the limbs and torso.

Could really use some more color distribution.

Really Cool torso!

Its alright, could use some better color distribution, and the Inika limbs hurt the overall build, and what exactly does a Toa of energy do? do they have power over all types of energy like lighting and fire? or is it more specific.

i need me a blue kakama

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If I ever made a BIONICLE self MOC, I’d want it to be something like this. Definitely simplistic, but also not having every pin holder on the moc filled with spikes. Great job.

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A bit more trans blue and a change to the mask would be nice. Otherwise, this is okay.

Looks good, but I’d try adding some blue CCBS or something.