Better (?) HF sets

Wait a second. The HF 1.0 sets are generally disliked by the community. Why not see if we can make them better?

Wait, no, where’s the fun in that? Let’s make them worse instead.

Actually, let’s do both.

Also, I’ll limit myself to only using pieces released at the time by Lego, so these could hypothetically be sets released by Lego.

First off, Natalie Breez

red and blue pins
more pieces
some Stars pieces
ground-scraping weapons.
Actually poseable legs.

Things I really couldn’t do anything about:
Brittle joints (since that wasn’t fixed until 2011)
skinny arms (armor would get in the way of the tubes)
skinny lower torso (I tried to fix that, but noting looked right)

Next up: Preston Stormer!


Oh my. I REALLY dislike the use of Nuva Breasts here.


I think that is the point…


well, you did it, you broke reality.

you made nuva boob5 make a female character look less feminine.

I mean it looks like an 80’s motu figure,

it’s actually kind of surreal…

#Breezor: Galactic Hero


The nuva breasts make me question if this was a joke or not, in which case, remove them entirely.


I cant do a critique right now
all il say is
these arent better in any particular way shape or form
critique coming soon

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My favourite part is the random axle jammed into one side of her stomach. 10/10-IGN

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must be a Zombie Furno plot point

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