Better-pictured MOCS: Vector

Another day, another one of my own MOC revamps.

Well, not so much a revamp as I didn't really change anything compared to the last time I posted here, just that the pictures were terrible. Like, very terrible.
Luckily, I have grown better camera skills, and now you can observe the full might of VECTOR!

Ah yes, my first 'semi-big' 100% legit MOC. Still have quite the feel for this guy. I always thought of him as a hulking brute, but was much more intelligent than he let on. I think it would give it away if he told someone that he designed his body modifications himself though :confused:

This guy was partially inspired by Wilhelm from Borderlands 2. However, it was not in figure, it was in concept; the fact that this was more machine than man, or whatever anything that isn't a Toa or Matoran is called.

See? His fake hands hide his real ones. Maybe I'll make a MOC that shows what he looked like before this, I dunno.
Anyway, in my little MOC-verse, he and my other MOC Flamel are partners. Flamel needed someone that was strong, yet cunning like him, so they were a perfect match.

Anyway, the little 'helmet' (I put that in quotes because, in all seriousness, the only organic thing in there is his brain) he wears serves both as a com channel to anything he wants and an x-ray visor. Like Keetongu, his 'eye' isn't exactly his true eye and is just used to see how afraid his targets are. You know. For funsies.

Quick look at his backside.

So there, pictures of Vector that don't suck. Is he good? Bad?
Well, I'm obviously going to say the former, but we''l just see :smile:


Not bad. The mechanically upgraded look is definitely there. The colors are a bit scattered though.

His head is awesome. :smile:

I like how you incorporated the Inika torso without making it obvious

good work

Oooh, wiery.

Dang, I didn't even notice that the first time I looked at it!

That's awesome!

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The MOC itself looks good. It looks like you are using the flash on your camera when you photograph this. I would advise against that, if possible. A couple of lamps work better than the flash. Anyways, nice work! I like the torso!

Vector's hands are giving me an Axonn vibe

Well, I didn't really have anything to base the hands off of so that it would fit with the design, so...

I got to say this looks pretty good.
Interesting head design.