BFTGM Entry Thing (im editing becouse it my topic name >:D ~Creep)

Hello, Heres Link to album!


Have a good day!


edited title because it was a little long

I really like this moc
though the arms and legs are a little wierd

It looks pretty cool, I especially like the head.

Also, that may be the longest topic title on these boards.

Prepare yourself for a full review.

The black Bohrok eyes on the lower arms are kinda odd. The gunmetal on the feet seems kinda out-of-place. The shoulders are a bit gappy, and again, the black Bohrok eyes look odd. Those.. gears(?) on the upper legs look odd, and the legs seem kinda lacking. On the plus side, the body and head are awesome, and the claws are cool. Okay color scheme, but a little too much light grey and silver (and the aforementioned gunmetal feet). I'd say it'd look better if the silver was limited to the horns. And those gears on the head only look odd since they're the only light grey.

The use of that head is pretty nice.

I see no Link


Hey I found him!

Don't! It was tha best one! >:D

As for my eyes, gunmetal and dark bluish gray look kinnda similar (So thats why i used it)


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It's okay. Good consistent color.

10/10 It's ok ~IGN