BIG BLUE moc update

based on the comments I got on the first moc I have redone the moc but only by moving some parts around and this is what I got enjoy sorry about the picture quality

moved the hands to the chest


the quality of the camera is… well… let’s just say it’s not the greatest, the moc looks cool tho

That’s quite blue. It’s quite cool too.

is it just me, or did the camera quality get WORSE since the original?

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@Sammythekat quick pictures

so do you guys think it looks more like a blue lobster?

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The MOC looks good, from what I can see! The photos are not the best. I understand that you may not have a better camera, but maybe for next time?

Big blue said, “You ain’t bringing home that double-u! How you gonna score with me standing here in front of you?”

Anyway, it’s weird, but I like it.

What the…
I see the lobster inspiration, but lobsters are more segmented, and plated-looking. The Rhakshi head is a bit offputting, too.
Other than that, not too bad. :smiley:

give me some recommendations for the head and I’ll change it

It’d definitely look better with something custom built, engrained in the body. Eyestalks could work, but that’s up to you.

I don’t think crabs have eye stocks. do they?

Certain species do.