Big red guy WIP


I haven’t thought of a name or backstory yet… Let’s just call him Mortimer for now.

(The image gets scaled kinda weird. Just click it)

He still needs some lower arms and metru torso on the left thigh will eventually be replaced with one in metru red.


Looks nice. I sugguest making the mid-torso thicker.

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Mortimer looks really promising, I think it will turn out great!

Thank you very much :3

Yeah, I agree. That a problem with almost all my MOCs.


He looks rather awkward in the hips and shoulders, but I see potential.

I dig the red guy, exited to see him finished.

Try finding other pieces aside from those Mata red things on the arms. Unless you have a plan to cover that open ball joint.

most of the time i use two joints for the waist articulation, its very stable that way, but you cant turn it. only up and down. (if you know what i mean XD)

further its cool and i cant wait till its finished!

This is a really nice MoC! I love the slender build!

The mata-red sticks out, however the build looks pretty solid.

Can’t wait for the finished product.

He’s not all that big. Beyond that, though, you’ve got quite a good MOC going. And you can never go wrong with a name like Mortimer. Oh, also change the ankles. The way they are, it’ll be a pain to stand up.

He is big compared to the sizes I usually work in.

Despite the ankles and small feet he actually stands up pretty well. I plan on switching the grey bone pieces for some black ones, though.

I plan on adding more, so it doesn’t stick out as much

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It’s big, red, and a guy. Looks good so far, though you might want to try filling the mid-torso in.