Big Red Pants Guy

Just a little guy who wears big trousers (or pants) to make himself feel stronger. I was inspired by this guy:

from the Pokemon series.


As always, constructive criticism is appreciated :slight_smile:

P.S. Plz no comments about the torso print, I am aware :wink:

Looks like Captain America put on his big boy pants!
Actually, in all seriousness though, if you could find a way to make a red-white-and-blue top hat, this would be an awesome Uncle Sam figure. :stuck_out_tongue:
Otherwise, it looks pretty good! GG m8!

did nobody notice his nether regions are a hand. wat.

When Captain America dons his mighty britches!


Hips don't lie. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty neat concept here, though.

I made a hat. But it doesn't look good... I only have limited spare system parts on hand see mum I do need more lego

I needed something to complete the trousers. But yeah, I guess it does look awkward...


You may want to redo his crotch area. Maybe give him a different head, too. Not bad though!

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Complete and total rip off of me
Ima sue

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If you replace the crotch piece with a normal shell attached to a small bone then I think this will make it amazing.

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I don't have any small red pieces :frowning: otherwise I would.

One word for this.

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I have been blessed.

Jokes aside my real thoughts.

Really Simple, Original design. Nothing groundbreaking but the concept is executed well. What I would change are the feet. As these are clearly not fitting. And the awful crotch armor.....why...just why.


Have a greg of neutral opinion. :gregf:


Looks pretty swage m80

Awesome :laughing:

whats with the pin bushings behind the thighs?

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They connect the two bones together.

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I like it.

The fist crotch disturbed me but it have that 'merica vibe with that hat.


I guess they're rip-off jeans, since the red is mostly on one side. lol

well the title didnt lie