Bilia: Toa of Stone

Once a great carver, Bilia was commissioned by many great warriors to carve great statues of them, but the only thing he wanted more than this life, was to join them. In this great quest, he traveled across the great island, until he came across a giant yellow crystal in a cave, which had been rumored to grant wishes through magic. When it saw the good intentions in his heart, it granted his wish, and he was transformed into a toa. With his new powers, and armor with small infusions of these crystals, he gained power over not only stone, but small traces of the power to control gravity itself. With these newfound powers, he would go forth, and seek to aid any in need, no matter what the cause.

The grey piece with the open axle hole is meant for a Vorox helmet, but I couldn’t find it when I was taking pictures, so please overlook that if possible. As for the blue pins, I was in a hurry, and didn’t have the patience to find their more suitable counterparts…

Of course, how could I post a moc with no back shot?

I remember making this a while back, but I just now got to taking pictures. This, was originally going to be a “sister moc” with another of my previous toa, but I unfortunately took him apart before I got around to taking Pictures. As usual, please leave comments and/or criticism and I’ll be sure to address them. Thanks!


Reminds me of a meme I once saw…

In all seriousness, this is pretty cool. I like the mace.


Nice meme. But, thank you


He looks like a living pile of dirt and rocks in armor, awesome! The only negative Thing I can find right now is that the upper body is really bare bones, but I personally don’t see a way to make it better without changing too many things. Nice MOC!


Nice. The weapon is cool.

Colour scheme is really nicely distributed, and the greebling is on point. Only real complaint (if you could consider it one) is that this could easily be passed off as a Pohatu revamp

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He’s got a nicely distributed color scheme and its nice to see tan again!

His rock even has a cute little hat!

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Yeah, I noticed that after I built it. I did consider listing it as one, but I thought it was still different enough to warrant that decision. Unfortunately, that is the only brown mask I have, so I have to deal with that, I need to look and see what would be better. Otherwise, thanks for your comments!

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