Bill Cipher vs. Lich

I and one of my friends are arguing: Who is more powerful? The god of reality or the master of death?

  • Bill Cipher
  • Lich

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my finger slipped and I chose lich instead of bill on accident, whoops lol

no I think Bill is definitely more powerful

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You can easily change your vote.

so I can


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4 at 1! Get rekt!

Bill Cypher plays with the laws of reality in his physical form, plus the way how manipulative he is.


Who vs who?

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Tbh Bill has more overall power.

On theory lich could just kill him. Bill is more relaxed and not usually focused on winning. He mainly wants fun. Lich could exploit this and kill him.

Bill could use his giant lasers to destroy Lich’s body. Or his powers of reality to delete him.

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He wants fun mainly. Example is when he fought the pines on multiple occasions.

I also said Bill was stronger…

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You are right. He is that type of guy who kill a baby and then laugh.

In my head, he would prolong the fight to have as much fun as possible

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Probably. I imagined the fight too, and Bill make a lot of pranks.